Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Morning Drop Off

Enter the parking lot by the Walnut Street entrance. Follow the red line, stop and unload passengers as directed by the supervisors. Please drive very slowly and watch for small children.  Turn left and exit on Fir Street after drop off.  Parents who wish to walk their children up to the classroom may park in the Fir Street parking lot.  Note that the Fir Street parking lot will have pedestrians walking through it (our school children and parishioners attending the 8:00 mass).  Please be very respectful to the adult volunteers and watchful for those in and outside of their cars.

Afternoon Pick Up

Gate will open at 2:30 p.m. for parents to line up, attend to office business, or buy Cougar Cash. All business must be complete by 2:40 p.m. and everyone back in his or her cars to begin the dismissal procedure. Children are brought out from the classes and stand in their designated areas, and are released to their parent once their car has reached the front of the school. Follow the traffic pattern shown below. Parents who wish to walk and pick up their children may park in the Fir Street parking lot and wait outside the library or under the lunch shelter. A supervisor will walk students thru the “The Tunnel of Knowledge” to meet their parents. Students must stay with their parents at all times once they have been checked out.

Note that as the row of cars in front of the lunch benches completely rounds the corner, the next row of cars may proceed directly forward and turn right to line up.