Enrichment Programs

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of optional programs offered after or before school.

Academic ChessOpen to students in grades Kinder through 6th, Academic Chess is a 6 week program designed to fit the needs of all skill levels. Chess teaches children to think deeply, gain confidence, solve problems, develop patience visualize results and much more.

Soccer ShotsStudents in grades Kinder through 3rd who participate in Soccer Shots learn principles and life skills like confidence, respect, honesty, and teamwork. Students meet once week after school throughout the session.

Lego Brain BuildersStudents in grades 1st through 5th may sign up for a 7 week session of Lego Brain Builders. Students learn to set goals, find out what it takes to achieve goals and apply what they have learned .

Engineering for Kids Students in Kinder through 8th may sign up for our engineering program.  The program helps children build problem solving skills, encourage them to discover how things work,  increases their desire to explore engineering as a career option, and motivates kids to learn math and science concepts by engaging them in real-world engineering problems.

Dino Robotics – Students in Kinder through 6th may sign up for Dino Robotics, a program that not only gives them an in-depth look into the world of dinosaurs, but build robot models. These models will be activated by engines that will simulate the species of dinosaurs the students build. They will gain the skills required to build robot models, be introduced to physics and electronics, and acquire a unique understanding of archeology and paleontology.

Higgins Tennis – Every Thursday students in Kinder through 2nd grade may participate in Higgins Tennis, an after school introduction to the sport of tennis. Higgins Tennis sets up courts on our school campus and supplies students with rackets. They learn the fundamentals of tennis, such as the basics of rallying, forehands and backhands. As students learn and master each skill, they are rewarded a ribbon, a system that aids in the development of their confidence and self-esteem.

Archery Champs – Students in grades 2nd through 6th are open to join the 8 week season of Archery Champs. This program stresses the importance of teamwork, focus, critical thinking and responsibility through the sport of archery. Students and their partners are required to critically analyze form, stance, precision and safety, elements that support the growth of the archer.