Active Response Council Team




The Active Response Council Team, also referred to as ARC, is a student-led club that are tasked with the responsibility of preparing the school for a crisis or disaster. In the event of a natural disaster or crisis, under the leadership of ARC President Gavin C., this team of 22 7th and 8th graders will provide assistance to students and staff.


Each week ARC President Gavin C. hosts a segment on our daily Broadcasts in which he address different safety issues, and gives viewers tips on how to stay healthy and safe. The Team will also create videos about various subjects, as seen in the video below.


President: Gavin C.

Members: Nicholas B., Isaiah B., Brian B., Mariah B., Ryan C., Julianna C., Trent E., Noah G., Agustin G., Daniel G., Aidan H., Collin H., David L., Jillian M., Adam P., Jake Q., Ian R., Connor R., Kaden T., Cosme T., Joshua W. and Kevin W.