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Prayers for 3yr old Ally to Beat Leukemia Submitted By: Anonymous
The SAM prayer community is incredible. We ask that you pray for little Ally and her family as she fights cancer.

\"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.\"
Isaiah 41:10
3 Year old Ally lost her battle with leukemia and is now in Heaven. Please continue to keep her family in your prayers.
Win custody of my niece foster parents are getting her todaySubmitted By: L C
My niece is up for adoption although I have been fighting for her for over 1 year I have a great job great home and great fam values they think is best for her to go to strangers they hardly lether see me so that she would not bond I go in about 2 minutes to see the verdict Lost the battle but thank you all for praying for us. My the lord have Mercy, the judge refused to let me visit my niece and then said my niece didnt bond with me, its a business out there, I found out the foster parents make alot of money to foster her
Jack MorganSubmitted By: Claudia Hinman
Please pray for Maya and Bianca's great grandfather,Jack Morgan, who suffered a stroke this week. Please pray for calmness and healing for him during this confusing time.I would like to thank everyone for their lovely prayers. Jack Morgan passed peacefully, surrounded by his loving family.
Local teacher critically ill with SepsisSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for a Brea elementary school teacher who is critically ill with Sepsis. Her family, friends, current and former students are praying for a miracle. She is an excellent teacher who is much loved. Thank you all for your prayers. This wonderful lady is home from the hospital after 66 days. She is recovering and her family is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes.
My Sister in Christ Submitted By: Anonymous
SAM Families,
Please keep my Sister in Christ in your prayers. She is a SAM mom who recently had a diagnostic test and the results suggest a possible cancer. I am confident all will be fine because God's plan for her is perfect. Please pray that her anxieties about addition tests will be low. I ask that our prayers for her surround her spirit and comfort her every day until final results are known. Amen.
Thank you to all those who prayed for my friend. Follow up tests ruled out a malagnancy. Her doctor will continue to keep a close eye on her with another scan in 6 months. She has been very grateful for all the prayers. Her faith in our Lord is stronger than ever.
Please pray for my sister-in-laws fatherSubmitted By: Ana G
He is courageously battling cancer and is facing serious complications. Please pray for his recovery & for the family during this very difficult time.He was a courageous man and fought a hard fight, but lost his battle with cancer. He is now with our Heavenly Father. Thank you all for your prayers.
For my brother-in-law and his familySubmitted By: Jim R
Please pray for my brother-in-law who is in the ER with a pulmonary embolism. Thank you for your prayers. My brother-in-law is back and home and recovering well.
CarlySubmitted By: Erin Johnnie
Please pray for Carly Johnnie as she continues to heal over the next 18 months. The next 4 weeks are crucial. The infection is the same in her femur and marrow and her platelet, white blood count is very high. Thank you to everyone for your love and prayers. We love our SAM prayer warriors.Hi Everyone. Thank you for your prayers and concern during Carly's medical crisis. She had an appointment with Dr. Adler, one of her disease specialists at CHOC this week and based on her blood work and CAT scan, she is on the road to recovery and they believe infection free. They can't be 100% positive without two invasive procedures, but they are certain enough to NOT make her go through another ordeal. Her white blood count is a little high at 13.8, but all other blood factors have dropped significantly. Her sed rate is excellent and platelet is 480, which is just a little high, but reasonable. Sed rate helps detect conditions associated with acute and chronic inflammation, including infections, cancers, and autoimmune diseases. Her sed rate has been excellent for three weeks so we have a lot less to worry about. She completes 5 weeks of antibiotics tomorrow and has 30 more days of restricted physical activity. Her bone specialist will see her every 3 months for the next year and a half because the infection damage takes a long time to go away and they need to watch her growth plate. She is so happy because she has CAT scans to look forward to and not weekly blood work and another MRI with IV block. This was the best news she wanted to hear and she is so grateful to God. Thank you for caring and praying for Carly and us during this journey. The Johnnie Family
Please pray for my husband that he gets good news from doctorSubmitted By: Anonymous
Lord, please protect my husband of all harm. He is waiting results from biopsia and these are scary times. I trust You my Lord will be at his side today and always. Thank you for healing my mother who is far away.
Glory to you my Lord

Glory to you my dear Lord. My husband received good news from the doctor. Thanks to all who pray for him.
Mrs. McConnelSubmitted By: Sarah Burris
Please pray the Mrs. McConnel (fifth grade teacher) makes a speedy recovery! Amen!Thank you for all of you who prayer. Mrs. McConnel is back and teaching her wonderful 5th grade class!
For my sister-in-law having surgery todaySubmitted By: Jim R
Please pray for Carolyn, who is undergoing surgery today; that the Lord guides with wisdom and skill the hands of the surgeons, and that she returns to her active life soon to continue her service to the many children and families she cares for.Thank you for the prayers! The surgery was a success and she is recovering comfortably.
Sick motherSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for my mother who is hospitalized with a staff infection of the blood, that she is able to recover quickly and pray for the strength that my father needs to help her through.Thank you to all who have prayed for my mother, she is doing extremely well and getting back to her everyday routine. Your prayers worked, thank you , thank you!
familySubmitted By: Kelly Spies
Please keep our family in your prayers as 2 of our sons have relocated to San Francisco for work and school but have no housing...Mike and Matt have a 3 month temporary housing! Thank you all for your prayers. Please keep praying that they find something more permanent!
Troop 339Submitted By: Phyllis Burris
Please remember to keep the 4th grade girls in Troop 339 in your prayers this weekend. They will be at Camp Scherman. I ask that our Lord will protect them during their travels and delever them all home safely.The girls had a wonderful time at camp. I know our FATHER PROTECTED THEM and blessed their travels. They mad some wonderful memories. Thank you for all your prayers.
Troop 921Submitted By: Phyllis Burris
Please keep 6th grade Girl Scout Troop 921 in your prayers this weekend. We will be traveling a long way for a weekend river rafting and camping trip. I pray that our Lord with send His Gardian Angles to watch over all of us and keep us safe from harm. Please pray we will all return home safely on Monday. In His hands we will all be. Thank you for keeping Troop 921 in your prayers. We had a wonderful time enjoying eachother's company and wondering at God's great power while rafting down the Kern River. We also made some wonderful memories. Most importantly, we are all home safe and sound. Thank you God!
My sister PattySubmitted By: Jim R
Please pray for my sister Patty, a special education teacher with a special soul, who is undergoing an emergency heart procedure today.Thank you for your prayers. My sister survived her procedure and has a positive prognosis.
My Sweet Sister In LawSubmitted By: Anonymous
My sister in law is bleeding profusely through both nostrils and the hospital and doctors have not been able to stop it. They are running tests and have no answers. They have her in a strangle apparatus with tubes, liquid and nose plugs. She is a young widow with two small children and her daughter's First Holy Communion is on Saturday. Please Pray for her!Thank you for your prayers. She had to have two veins cauterized and it is doing the trick. She is in a lot of discomfort, but she is healing. Thank you!
In despairSubmitted By: Anonymous
Feeling a bit overwhelmed and as if my life is spinning. Doing things alone and without a support system can wear and tear on my will to carry on. Please help me pray for strength and wisdom so that I can guide my children through this tough time. Thank you.Thank you to all who have taken the time to think about my children and me. Your prayers have been greatly appreciated!
For the WASC TeamSubmitted By: Jim R
Please join me in asking for the Holy Spirit to be with the WASC team this week and grant them the insight to see how truly awesome our school is.Thank you WAC Team and Holy Spirit! "Highly effective" all the way...
Grandmother going for surgery on Tues 2/7Submitted By: Julia, Andrew, and Kylie Jones
We would like to request prayers for the children's grandmother who is having surgery on Tuesday. She is having an ICD put in for her heart. Please pray for her surgery and recovery to go smoothly.Thank you for prayers.
YouthSubmitted By: Anonymous
For all confirmation students who are going on retreat next weekend. May the Holy Spirit fill their hearts with the love of Christ.Thank you Lord for the wonderful Confirmation retreat! The Holy Spirit was surely at work!!! Live the 4th Day!!!