Learning Expectations


1. A Faith-filled, active Catholic:

A. Celebrates faith through prayer, sacraments, Christian service, words, and actions.
B. Understands and participates in the teachings and traditions of the Catholic faith
C. Strives to build a moral conscience, enabling him/her to make decisions based on Catholic values
D. Uses Scripture as a guide in his/her personal journey of faith

IMG_9340-2Rachelle Mendez

2. A Life-long learner who:

A. Sets realistic goals, recognizes his/her/personal learning style, and is self-motivated
B. Utilizes technology competently and responsibly to facilitate learning, research, and growth.
C. Values a quality education
D. Develops critical thinking skills to solve problems

IMG_9033Rachelle Mendez

3. An Effective Communicator who:

A. Articulates ideas clearly and creatively through writing and speaking
B. Listens actively and responds appropriately to communication
C. Expresses opinions compassionately, appropriately and respectfully


4. A Responsible Citizen who:

A. Exhibits respect, integrity, and empathy
B. Supports and participates in community activities
C. Respects the value of all life through Christian stewardship

IMG_9378Rachelle Mendez

5. A Quality Producer who:

A. Develops and utilizes his/her God given talents
B. Uses organizational skills and manages time effectively.
C. Works independently or collaboratively.

Fourth Grade

6. An Integrated Individual who:

A. Understands the importance of making healthy choices
B. Accepts responsibility for one’s decisions and actions
C. Develops self-confidence and leadership qualities
D. Applies conflict resolution skills

Middle School


St. Angela Merici Parish School is an integral part of the Catholic Church’s mission to proclaim the Gospel, build community, celebrate through worship and serve others.  We welcome all students and encourage parent participation in support of providing a well-rounded holistic educational experience, which prepares students for high school and responsible participation in the Catholic Church and community.

We believe that every student can achieve excellence through the discovery and use of their gifts and talents.  Our mission is to develop faith filled active Catholics who are life long learners, effective communicators, responsible citizens, quality producers and integrated individuals.




St. Angela Merici Parish School is a Catholic faith community comprised of clergy, administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and students, which foster a Christ-centered environment. We integrate our religion with all aspects of living and learning.

We recognize that parents have the primary responsibility of serving as active Christian role models in the formation of their children’s spiritual, and intellectual development.  To facilitate this parental responsibility, the St. Angela Merici community is a partnership that supports and provides opportunities for spiritual, academic, moral, physical, and cultural growth.

St. Angela Merici is committed to providing a faith filled, student centered environment and curriculum recognizing each individual’s differences and developing their God-given talents and gifts.  Each student is challenged to expand his/her intellectual abilities through a variety of successful learning experiences.  Our goal is to empower each student to become a responsible, active Christian capable of making appropriate moral decisions, facing the challenges of contemporary living.

While learning is in the context of St. Angela’s faith community, each student develops a realization that their Catholic faith is a way of life.