Saint Angela Merici Parish School is a Catholic community offering a Christ-centered environment. Religion is integrated with all aspects of student life and our curriculum. This atmosphere fosters the development of a personal relationship with God. Our goal is to develop faith-filled, active Catholics who model Christ to the world.

St. Angela Merici Parish School offers students opportunities for growth in the following major subjects:


Daily religion curriculum incorporates a study of scripture, prayers, bible verses and an understanding of our Catholic values and traditions.

Highlights include:

  • Celebrating weekly Eucharist
  • Student Council & Broadcast Team: Morning & Afternoon Prayer/Announcements
  • Monthly school lead Eucharist that reflects liturgical seasons, virtues, Saints and special days of the Church calendar
  • Participation in a variety of Christian Service activities that support our Student Learning Expectations, “Learning to be a faith‐filled Catholic.”
  • Student lead Stations of the Cross
  • Opportunities for grades 6­‐8 to be part of Campus Ministry
  • Spiritual retreats
  • Opportunities for grades 5­‐8 to become an altar server
  • Christian stewardship community program


Computer Literacy

Grades K­‐8, attend the computer lab throughout the week. Students practice word processing, keyboarding skills, electronic presentations (PowerPoint), database, spreadsheets, web design, basic coding and integration with curricular subjects.


Grades K-­8 participate in the art program “Art Masters” where students learn about a famous artist, then create their own unique work inspired by the artist.


All grades attend music classes for preparation of liturgies and exposure to music.  Each grade participates in two music performances a year.

Language Arts

Reading, English, Spelling, Writing, Vocabulary, Composition, Library Skills, and Appreciation of Literature. Enrichment and reinforcement classes are available. Highlights include: K-8 Accelerated Reader Program and Library, Annual School Spelling Bee, and Chapman Writing Contest.


Students will gain a strong understanding of Mathematics Skills, The Number System, Number Operations, Measurement & Data, Geometry, Algebraic Thinking, Statistics & Probability, Expressions & Equations and Functions. Enrichment/Advanced and reinforcement classes are available. Mathematic highlights include: Damien High School Mathematics Competition.

Physical Education

Our P.E. Teacher for grades TK-­8 creates physical fitness programs appropriate for each grade.  P.E highlights include: Jump Rope for Heart Event.

Resource Program

Our Differentiated Instruction Coordinator assists students needing additional learning support. This specialized resource teacher offers services 5 days a week, provides small group instruction and creates individualized plans.


General Sciences and Laboratory Experiences. Grades 4‐8 attend the science lab. Science highlights include: Study trip to the Long Beach Aquarium (1st grade), 3-day AstroCamp study trip (6th grade) and 3-day Catalina study trip (7th grade).

Social Studies

Students gain a deeper understanding of history, geography, economics, community, government and current events. Social studies highlights include: Ellis Island Simulation (2nd Grade), Walk Through California and Mission Trip (4th grade), Walk Through the American Revolution (5th grade) and trip to Washington DC (8th grade).


Students in grades 6-8 gain foundational Spanish vocabulary, common expressions, grammar, conversation and a basic understanding of the culture.