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SLE of the Week:
4.2 A responsible citizen who supports and participates in community activities.



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Important Reminders Regarding Late Start Supervision 


We would like to remind our parents that on late start Wednesday’s, there is no supervision until 9:00 AM


If your child is on campus before 9:00 AM on Wednesday’s, they must be sent to Extended Care. If your child is accompanied by a parent or the adult dropping them off until 9:00 AM when school begins, they will not be required to go to Extended Care. 


This measure is intended to insure that all students are supervised and safe.



Uniform Guidelines for Cold Weather


During the coming winter months, we encourage students to dress warmly. They are welcome to wear accessories for the cold weather, but they must comply to the uniform guidlines as stated here: UNIFORM AND DRESS CODE.


Long sleeve uniform shirts are now on sale! Visit our school’s American Casual website page (available through Sycamore) to place your order. The deadline is Friday, December 15th, and the special orders will be delivered at the return from winter break after the New Year.


Here are a few items students may wear during colder weather:

  • Red school sweater or vest with logo
  • Navy school sweatshirt with logo
  • Red or navy blue hooded zip front sweatshirt with logo
  • St. Angela’s sweatshirt sold in Cougar Store

Here are non-uniform specific items that students may wear during colder weather:

  • Students may wear a solid white, navy blue or red turtleneck under their school shirt
  • Girls may wear tights for warmth, but socks must be worn over their tights. Tights may be navy blue, red or white.


No hats, no scarves, no boots.





Sports Update


If you plan on participating in any of the Winter Sports, follow these instructions to be eligible to play:


1. Click HERE to register only if you did not play a Fall Sport.

2. Click HERE for the sign up sheets; every athlete must fill this out.

3. Pay the $75 fee by December 1st.


Below is the list of the Winter Sports available and coaches:

  • 8th grade Boys Basketball A Team – Dave Ladjevic & Sergio Gutierrez
  • 7th grade Boys Basketball A Team – Cos Trujillo & Neil Dinsay
  • 6th grade Boys Basketball B Team – Wayne Carvalho
  • 5th grade Boys Basketball B Team – Nathan Tamayo
  • Girls Basketball A Team – Gerard Rice
  • Girls Basketball B Team – Jeff Mendiola & Mike Hilgert


Extended Care Program

Cougars of the Month


Each month the Extended Care staff chooses two students to become the Cougars of the Month. Students chosen as Cougar of the Month exemplify St. Angela’s motto of Reverence, Respect and Responsibility. These students also display leadership and kindness to others.



Congratulations to the October Cougars of the Month: Amanda F. from 3rd grade and Diego C. from 4th grade!


Christmas Musicals


This year our students will be putting on three Christmas Musicals to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! Mark your calendars for the following musicals you do not want to miss:



  •  Merry Little Christmas: On Thursday, December 14th at 6:00 PM, TK through 2nd grade will present a collection of holiday favorite songs to celebrate the reason for the season.
  • Peace Has Come: On Tuesday, December 19th at 6:00 PM, 6th through 8th grade middle school students will present a spiritual musical theater performance with acting, singing and dancing.
  • Born is the King: On Thursday, December 21st at 10:00 AM, 3rd through 5th grade students will present a re-enactment of the Nativity with story and song at our Birth of Jesus Prayer Service.



Caterina’s Club PastaThon


Caterina’s Club PastaThon is coming up! From 5 AM until 10 PM on Friday, December 8th, KFI 640 radio hosts will be broadcasting live from the Christ Cathedral to raise money and collect pasta and sauce to benefit Caterina’s Club.


Bring your donations now through December 8th, and visit Caterina’s Club website for more information.

In this issue:

  • Important Reminds Regarding Late State Supervision
  • Uniform Guidelines for Cold Weather
  • Sports Update
  • Extended Care Program Cougar of the Month
  • Christmas Musicals
  • Caterina’s Club PastaThon 

Coming up soon…
  • 12/1 – Sports Fees due
  • 12/1 – 8th grade returns from Valyermo
  • 12/4 – SPA Board Meeting @ 7:00 PM
  • 12/6 – Honor Roll Breakfast @ 7:30 AM
  • 12/6 – Consultative Board Meeting @ 6:30 PM
  • 12/7 – 2nd grade Study Trip
  • 12/8 – Coffee with Administration @ 7:30 AM
  • 12/8 – Feast of the Immaculate Conception Eucharist @ 10:30 AM




We need student volunteers!

Student volunteers are needed to help out with two masses: Christmas Eve Mass and our Open House Mass, which will be on February 4th. 


This year the Open House Mass will be at the end of our Catholic School’s Week, as we have been blessed to have Bishop Kevin Vann presiding on February 4th! Open House will still be Sunday, January 28th.


Click on the link below to sign up.


Sign up here!

Student Wins Jump Rope for Heart Art Contest

Congratulations to Kate T. of 8th grade for winning the Jump Rope for Heart poster contest!!  She was only one of two students chosen from the Western states to win. 


Congratulations, Kate, we are so proud of you! 



Catholic Schools Week Video Contest


The Orange Catholic Foundation is celebrating Catholic Schools Week by granting $4,500 in tuition assistance grants to middle school students who create the best videos showing the world how their school has helped them become better versions of themselves.


The deadline to turn in your video is Friday, January 5th.


Please visit the Front Office for flyers with more information!


Catholic Night at the Honda Center

Join the Catholic community for a night of hockey on February 9th, and watch the Ducks take on the Edmonton Oilers starting at 7 PM. Catholic schools in the Trinity League will play an exhibition game immediately following the Ducks game.


Order your tickets today HERE and use promo code “OCCATHOLIC”.







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