SPA Board Member Position Open

St. Angela Merici Parish School SPA Board has 1 position open for the 2017-2018 school year.  If you areinterested in being part of the election process, please submit your name and a short bio to Remon Girgis by Friday, June 16th      


The SPA Board meets once a month in the evenings.


The Pastor and Principal established The SPA Board in accordance with Diocesan policy, to assist with the governance of the school.  The SPA Board cannot act apart from the Pastor and Principal, and cannot make decisions binding for the School without the approval of the Pastor and Principal.  When the Pastor, Principal and The SPA Board agree on a policy matter, the decision is in effect and binding. 


The purposes of The SPA Board shall be:


Section 1.  To assist the administration of The School in developing faith-filled, active Catholics who are lifelong learners, effective communicators, responsible citizens, quality producers and integrated individuals.   


Section 2.  To initiate plans and make recommendations for programs that will raise funds for The School.


Section 3.  To cooperate with The Consultative Board, Principal, and Faculty in any special programs or projects as may be necessary.


Section 4:  The SPA Board shall not seek to direct the administrative activities of The School or to control its policies, but rather to cooperate with the administration and the faculty.  Activities that are the direct responsibility of the Principal and Pastor which fall outside the realm of responsibility of the SPA Board include:


  1. The hiring, evaluation, discipline and dismissal of the school faculty and staff.
  2. Personal disputes between students, teachers, parents and staff.
  3. Specific details of the curriculum or the selection of textbooks and teaching materials except as it relates to the school’s budget, the morals and beliefs of our Catholic faith, or within the context of assisting the Principal, parents, parishioners and faculty to achieve new direction or emphasis in a general sense.