Reminders for the Week of Sept 28th

To all St Angela Families,

1.  Red Athletic Jackets and Navy Blue Jackets-  If you have purchased a Red or Navy Blue wind jacket, you may experience the letters starting to peel off the jacket.    If the letters peel off please bring the jackets into the front office, this afternoon or tomorrow morning, as the company will have the vinyl replaced.  That jacket you drop off will get returned with a t-shirt for your troubles courtesy of Global Printing FX of La Habra.

2.  All away games-  All athletes and cheerleaders are required to provide their own transportation to the games.

3.  Tuesday, 6:00 pm- 8th Grade Washington DC information meeting

4.  Hearing and Vision Screening-  We will be providing this screening for all students on Thursday and Friday.  Parents will be informed in writing if your child needs further evaluation from your own physician.

5.  Blessing of the Animals- Friday at 8:45 am….Come join us in celebrating the Feast of St. Francis…  Bring your dog, cat, rabbit, bird, etc…. or even a picture of your pet or stuffed animal…. Father Michael will be blessing all animals.  

Blessing Animals/Blessing.jpg           
                   Blessing Animals/st francis.jpg