Back to School Nights- Information

St Angela Community,

Tonight we welcome our parents who have students in grades TK-5th.  We highly encourage all of our families to attend these meetings as the teachers have prepared to share information pertaining to your child’s classroom.  
TK Back to School Night- 5:15 pm in the TK classroom

Kinder-5th Grade Back To School Night-  Parents have the option of choosing either session, not BOTH…
6:00 pm or 6:45 pm
Please report to your child’s classroom.  These two options help out families with multiple children in different grades.

Wednesday, September 2nd
Middle School Back To School Night
All parents report to their child’s homeroom class at 6:00 pm.  The following is a schedule for the evening:

                           6th Grade                          7th Grade                                   8th Grade
6:00-6:30           Homeroom/Math          Homeroom/Social Studies            Homeroom/Language Arts

6:35-6:50            Social Studies                     Language Arts                             Science                                 

6:55-7:10            Language Arts                       Science                                    Math                                     

7:15-7:30             Science                                 Math                                   Social Studies

6th Grade stays in the science lab to hear more information about middle school from administration.

Tuesday Parking:  Due to the 8:00 Eucharist and street sweeping days, we highly encourage parents to go through the drop off pattern instead of parking.  If you choose to park by the rectory, please do not park in the marked spaces:  School Staff Parking, Parish Parking and Senior Parking during the 8:00 Eucharist.  

Reminder:  Drop off and pick up procedure starts today

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New Procedure for Parents who walk up to the classrooms to pick up their students :

After much discussion and thought, the administration will be changing the procedure for parents who are waiting to pick up their children after school.  Due to  the “Tunnel of Knowledge” becoming very congested, the safety of the students, and the noise during the end of the day prayer, we are asking parents to please stay by the library or underneath the lunch benches as your students will meet you there for pick up.  The school will have supervisors walking the students through the tunnel. You are welcome to go to the classroom if needed, after the children have been dismissed.

Students in sports must stay by the Science Lab area until their coach picks them up for practice.

Thank you for helping us support the new procedure