First Day of School!!

Monday, August 31st   8:00 am-12:00 pm
Regular Uniform for all students
(See uniform policies on Sycamore)

Reminder- Boy’s Haircuts- Clean, above the collar and ears.  NO shaved side parts, trendy hair cuts, color, bleach, dye etc.
Girl’s Haircuts- NO hair color, bleach or dye 

Information Tables from 7:15 am-8:30 am
Auction Dinner, Sports, Parent Participation, Used Uniforms, Hospitality, Cougar Cash, Cougar Store, Extended Care, and more…..


Curriculum Updates

1. New religion series for 1st-8th Grade: “Be My Disciples”

2. Curricular Mapping updated for every subject

3. ITBS testing will be replaced with: STAR (Reading, Math & Early Literacy) & additions to TerraNova

4. Library Clean Out & Update
-New Library Management System: Follett Destiny
-Students will have digital access to 10,000 electronic library books
-Barcodes will be on every library book to allow for easy check-in/check-out of books

5. Update of Spanish curriculum


Summer Updates


Library- Cleaned out and ready to go…
Convent cleaned out…
New Screen on Fence will be added for privacy
Concrete will be sanded down for safety
Staff Room- Completely Remodeled
Soccer Goals
Updated technology/servers/programs
Lots still to do…….