Parent Job Sign ups- St Angela School

Monday, July 20th- Parent Sign ups will be online.

You will be receiving an email with the link to sign up for your job.  Every family must sign up for a parent job for the school year 2015-2016.

The following families have been assigned for the following positions.  We always welcome these families to sign up for another position on Monday.  

We are looking immediately for a Boys and Girls Athletic Director.. Please contact Mrs. Windisch if you are interested.   Boys B Football and Girls A and B Volleyball- We will be determining if we have 2 teams after sign ups.  Sign ups for sports will be sent out the week of July 20th.

Altar Server Chair Erin Johnnie
Altar Server Chair Pawel Kalczynski
Art Masters Chair Annie Nicoletti
Art Masters Paper Margee Beck
Auction Chair Michaelyn Padilla
Auction Chair Lisa Carrasco
Book Fair Coordinator Christine Marick
Box Top Chair Karyn Reed
Boys A Football Coach Pete Canales
Boys A Volleyball Coach Michelle Godges
Boys B Basketball Coach Dave Ladjevic
Boys B Football Coach Carlos Quezada
Casino Night Chair Steve Corona
Consultative Board Dave Mock
Consultative Board Rachel Hickenbottom
Consultative Board John Koos
Consultative Board TJ Thibert
Consultative Board Wayne Carvalho
Consultative Board Mark Ganahl
Consultative Board Pete Canales
Cougar Cash Coordinator Robin Beiderstadt
Cougar Cash Sales Lori Hoskins
Cougar Cash Sales Tina Cralley
Cougar Cash Sales Leslie Garcia
Cougar Cash Sales Dinora Cardenas
Cougar Cash Sales Alisa Hurst
Cougar Cash Sales Marianne Duron
Field Maintenance John Ross
Girls A Basketball Coach Jamie Rosenkranz
Girls A Volleyball Coach Lynn Morris
Girls B Basketball Coach John Rifilato
Girls B Volleyball Coach Renee Gastinell
Health Screenings PJ Dinsay
Honor Roll Luncheon Vicki Ladjevic
Ink Cartridges Wendy Rice
Library Coordinator Astrid Galindo
Lost and Found Uniforms Dianne Kim
Muffins for Moms/Donuts for Dads Mary Rivera
Nacho Fundraiser Coordinator Stephanie Steffan
Nacho Sales Shopper Julie Gonzalez
Parent Job Coordinator Joanne Avalos
Room Parent Chair Shannon Goldsmith
Rummage Sale Coordinator Martha Corbett
Saturday Maintenance Chair John Rifilato
SPA Board Christine Marick
SPA Board Steve Duron
SPA Board Remon Girgis
SPA Board Lynn Thibert
SPA Board Dan Acosta
SPA Board Cos Trujillo
Summerfest Chair Melinda Ganahl
Track Coach Phil Jauregui
Used Uniform Coordinator Angie Gambino
Website Developer Jim Remley
Yearbook Andrea Funk