Please Read-Safety-Parking

St. Angela Merici Community,

Administration, Supervisors and Staff have regularly observed the morning drop off and afternoon pick up for the last 2 months to identify safety issues and take action to minimize risks.  We have identified several traffic/parking issues which present unnecessary hazard during drop off and pick up processes.  Specifically, the issues that need to be eliminated include the following: vehicles continue to park in non-parking spots; vehicles travel at excessive speed in the parking lot; parents and children cross traffic outside of the crosswalk;children are dropped off from the street; and other departures from our drop off procedures. 


These situations present serious and unnecessary risks to the safety of your children.  The parking spaces facing the field are reserved for staff parking because their cars do not move from 7:30-3:30.  When non-staff vehicles that park in this section it causes near collisions with other cars or children when vehicle enter and exit parking spaces during school, drop off and pick up periods.


While the administration continues working on a solution for the safety of the children, the front parking spots have been closed.  This is only short term as we gather solutions and ideas.  In the meantime, we ask that everyone follow the established parking lot safety procedures for parking, drop off and pick up to prevent accidents and minimize the risks of injury and accidents.


Additionally, St. Angela has also been working closely with the Brea PD and Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center for the safety of our school campus.  We conducted a three hour detailed walk around the campus with the assistance of safety specialists from these agencies to assess and improve our overall campus safety standards.  We have already implemented some recommendations from this review and we will be continuing to develop our campus safety policies and procedures.   The final report and suggestions will be presented to the administration and school boards in the near future.

Thank you for all of your suggestions and ideas as we continue working together to keep our students safe.  Once again, the first thing we need to educate is ourselves and to follow the correct procedures set by the administration.

Thank you always for your continued support