Important Reminders for the week of March 31st

We hope all families are safe and sound from this past weekend’s earthquakes.  We understand some of the students may still be a little frightened as they return tomorrow to school.  The school is in very good shape after a thorough walk through this weekend.  No major damage to any of the buildings.  The teachers have been prepped for any ongoing shaking or the future of earthquakes.  We feel very prepared at St. Angela and we hope your students will feel the sense of calmness as well.  Please contact the front office or your classroom teacher if you need any assistance with your children.

Registration for the 2014-2015 school year begins March 19, 2014. A completed registration packet and appropriate fees are due by April 4, 2014 to secure your student’s classroom enrollment.  Outside families will be able to register on Monday,
April 7th…

To access your re-enrollment: Sycamore/My School/Enrollment/Online Form

Or you may click on the link:

Last chance to order Yearbooks- Due this Friday, April 4th…. The cost is $35 payable to St. Angela Merici Parish School

Wednesday,April 2nd-  Discovery Science Center presents a night of science for families and students in grades K-5th.  Those students attending will not have any Practice/Prep for that evening.  The event will start at 6:15 pm in the parish hall..

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Toy Drive!

Please bring new and unopened toys. We will be donating them to the patients at CHLA for Easter. These will be collected in the classrooms all this week…
Toys ideas:

Items the hospital needs most

    • Generic coloring books – no holiday reference
    • Soft baby dolls – appropriate for under 3 yrs
    • Crayons – all sizes
    • Interactive crib toys/musicals
    • Markers – all sizes
    • Super hero action figures
    • White artist paper
    • Hello Kitty items
    • Playdoh
    • Dinosaurs
    • Bubbles (bottles with no attachments)
    • Craft and Bead kits
    • Play Do (jars with no attachments)
    • Pop Up Toys (cause and effect)
    • UNO cards
    • Bath & Body Works sets for older girls
    • Medical first aid kits
    • LA Sports Team Sports Swag
    • Baby rattles