Latest update on Ed Kim

     Here is an update regarding Ed’s condition and some clarification.  Months ago Ed had an MRI of his shoulder and his neck.  He was having pain in those areas and he contributed that pain to pitching for Cameron’s softball team.  Those tests were negative and nothing abnormal showed.  Two weeks ago Ed was in so much pain that he was having to sleep in an upright position.  When he would lay flat he would have tremendous pain in his shoulder and in his head.  Finally on Saturday the pain was so bad Dianna took him to the Urgent Care.  Upon taking an x-ray of his chest, the doctor recommended that he go to the e.r.  Ed was admitted on Saturday and because of the tests and the x-ray he was started on radiation.  After further testing he was started on chemo with radiation.  The information is changing daily because test results are becoming available on a daily basis.  He does have lung
cancer.  It is not related to smoking.  It is a cancer that nonsmokers get as well.  His doctors are meeting on Tuesday to discuss his treatment plan.  We need to pray that the tumor has reduced in size so that it is manageable with treatment.
     He has appreciated all of the visitors but at this time his doctors are recommending that he no longer be allowed to have anyone visit him because his immune system is compromised and the last thing he needs is to be sick with a cold or flu.  Please continue to pray for Ed and his family.  As we all know the power of prayer is the greatest gift anyone can receive.
God Bless