Cougar News- Friday, November 7th

Cougar News- Friday, November 7th
November 07, 2013 09:00:00
By Nancy Windisch

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Dinner Auction is Here!!!

5:30- Reception/Silent Auction
7:30- Dinner/Live Auction 

NO School- Monday, Nov 11th


Bully Awareness Week-
Nov 18th-22nd


St. Angela will be celebrating their 3rd year with National Bully Awareness Week. The vision behid this week is

The vision behind Bullying Awareness Week:

Bullying Awareness Week is about working at preventing bullying through education and awareness

Bullying Awareness Week is NOT about what others could or should be doing, but rather what WE can do!

Bullying is a community issue. Schools are a critically important part of the solution, but bullying should not be defined solely as a “school problem”.

Addressing bullying is best done with a holistic, community approach because bullying is a community health and wellness issue.

Everyone can play a role in addressing bullying in their community.

Bullying also needs to be understood as a health issue. The impact of bullying on personal health and wellness can last a lifetime. This also financial implications for our society with lessened productivity, lost man-hours due to illness or personal days off work.

Monday, November 18th– Kick Off Day- The school will be having outside speakers come for an assembly.

Tuesday, November 19th- Community Issue Day

Wednesday, November 20th– STOP Cyberbullying Day

Thursday, November 21st- BE the Change- Youth Leadership and Action Day

Friday, November 22nd– BLUE Friday!- Wear blue as a sign of peace!!

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Cougar Sports Volleyball/Football

Congratulations to our Boys who will be playing in the Championship game this Saturday at 1:15.  Game will be played at St. Catherines Academy against St. Norbert.   Come out and support our team!!! 

Congratulations to our Girls who will be playing for 3rd place in the playoffs!!  They will be playing on Thursday at St. Mary’s in Laguna Beach at 2:00.  Come out and support our team!!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…mark your calendars!!
This year our school will be presenting the winter musical production of The Grinch that Stole Christmas December 17th at 6pm. Please join us and discover the magical tale of a little girl who taught Who-ville to love one another.

Also, December 20th at 9:30 our 3rd grade will be leading us in our Christmas Prayer service with The Story of Christmas, Christ’s glorious birth.
In addition, Fr. Michael and Miss Nina are collaborating to put together a children’s choir for the Christmas Eve Mass December 24th at 4:30. This is another wonderful opportunity for our students to celebrate the season in song. If your child would like to participate please reply to

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