Shutterfly accounts- Lets Share St Angela Pictures!!!

New ShutterFly Sites


We have created ShutterFly share sites for each class to make it easier for all of our families to share pictures.  These pictures may also end up being used in the yearbook, the school website, Sycamore, and one day, the 8th grade video.  The sites will serve as a repository for the class through their graduation.  We encourage everyone who can to share their pictures as many parents can never attend school or sporting events due to work or other commitments.  Sharing pictures of these events allow our community to stay connected. 


If you do not already have a ShutterFly site, we encourage you to set one up.  It is very easy to do, and free.  Click here to sign up:

There is an app for your iphones as well!   You can upload your photos directly from your phone… 

Once you are logged in to your ShutterFly account, you can access the share site directly via one of the following URLS:


8th Grade:  

7th Grade:  

6th Grade:  

5th Grade:  

4th Grade:  

3rd Grade:  

2nd Grade:  

1st Grade: