News from Father Michael and Mrs. Windisch


September 2013



Since August 2012 we have presented our Diocesan For Christ Forever Capital Campaign, which supports our new Cathedral as well as engenders the ministries of our Local Parishes and Catholic Education. We have presented a Three Part Series in the Parish Bulletin as well as highlighted questions and concerns on our Parish Website. In addition, Kelly Spies, Gene Passafiume, and I spent three weeks last fall (2012) introducing The Christ Forever Process to our community.


Although we began our presentation last August 2012, we are now in the “official phase” of the For Christ Cathedral – Capital Campaign. Bishop Kevin Vann has invited us to become engaged in this wonderful venture to make Christ’s Cathedral a living edifice in which we as Catholics as well as all dominations may gather to worship and grow in our faith. I too, wish to extend a personal invitation to share in this new vision of our Diocese by collaboratively participating in a gathering to discern how all of us might embrace this wonderful gift to our Diocese. I have prayed about The Christ Forever Process and have come to realize that each of us as members of the Body of Christ in our local Church of Orange are invited to vision into the future not only a
Cathedral, but “a center for our Catholic Faith in the Diocese of Orange.” This “holy gift” will become an impetus in which a greater depth and diversity of ministries will begin to emerge and an opportunity for additional support for all of our local parish schools, including Saint Angela Merici Parish School. Truly, in this Year of Faith, our participation in this great venture witnesses to our mission of evangelization beyond what we can even imagine today. This is certainly something that should make us Proud to be Catholic!


Remember, we are not merely invited to “create a Cathedral,” we are asked to become part of the legacy of faith, creating a vibrant venue in which our Catholic faith may shine as “a true light on a hill” calling us to a deeper relationship with Christ. This gift will truly be the People’s Cathedral because it is our faith that will create anew a spirit that will rise from an edifice not merely “made of stones, but our lived-life in Christ Jesus.”


It is very important that all our School Staff and Families be represented at one of the last three receptions (we have completed eight receptions) since August 2012. The dates for the receptions are Wednesday, September 18th, and October 16th  at 6:30 P.M. in the Parish Hall (Dinner will be served) or at the home of John and Monica McEntee, on Sunday, September 29, beginning at 1:00 P.M. Bishop Kevin Vann will be present at the McEntee’s reception.  Every family should be receiving an
invitation from Bishop Kevin in the mail. If you did not receive a card from the Bishop, invitations are available in the School Office.

The Diocese of Orange has been very supportive of our educational endeavors by extending additional financial support through several grants at Saint Angela Merici Parish School. We have a wonderful reputation with the Diocese as a School Community that always integrates into its vision that … it is time to take root through our active, involved, and dedicated support not only of our local church, but to the Church of Orange. In order to assure this positive portrait of our Parish School is maintained, it is very important that each family attend one of the Christ Forever Receptions. Both Nancy Windisch
and I have a very high expectation that the faculty, staff, and our families “sign” the Guest Book, at this mandatory gathering, so we can verify that our Parish School has participated in our Bishop’s vision of this wonderful endeavor.
Your presence at one of the receptions is all that is required. Your Stewardship for Christ’s Cathedral is your personal and private decision.


Finally, if you have not made arrangements for a tour of the Christ Cathedral, we encourage you to do so. So many have been convinced of this wonderful gift especially after making a personal visit. You may call Gene Passafiume who is a member of our parish and assists and coordinates the free tours for our parish and Christ’s Cathedral. He can be reached at 714-287-8177. Thank you for your continual spirit of Stewardship and your prayerful discernment as we journey together expressing what we do as a Parish School Community after we say, ‘I believe!”




Father Michael-Dwight and Nancy Windisch