State Assembly Bill 131- Diocese of Orange

St. Angela Parents,

I have been asked by Bishop Vann and the Diocese of Orange to communicate the following about Bill SB 131:

This bill if passed will heavy impact ALL non-profit organizations, not only the Catholic Church, but also the Scouts and the Boys & Girls Club that we as a school use for gatherings, meetings, and sports.  Please notify your State Representatives and encourage them to ask their representative to vote AGAINST SB 131 or to ABSTAIN.  The vote may come as early as Friday, so our response is very important since we use the Boys and Girls Club for our school events and 

gatherings.  This bill does NOT include any language for the protection of children which the Diocese of Orange, in particular have been proactive in its life, ministry, and policies to assure a safe environment for all children.  

Thank you again for taking the time to read the materials from Bishop Vann.