Summerfest Raffle

We apologize for the recorded voice message earlier about the raffle.. School Reach, the all call system, was not cooperating with our system.  Here is the message that was sent out to all families.  Thank you

“My hearfelt appreciation goes out to all the St. Angela’s families who have supported the SummerFest raffle so far. Thanks to the extremely generous response from St. Angela’s parishioners, the Raffle has already covered its expenses, so everything the Raffle earns from this point on is pure profit. “Remember, you don’t need to buy all the tickets you received. And remember, also, that you don’t need to buy them yourselves! You can sell them to friends or neighbors or other family members. But what’s most important is that every St. Angela’s family participates in some way. “The Raffle contributes greatly to SummerFest’s bottom line, and if everyone can buy or sell just 3 – 5 tickets, that will go a long way
toward making this year’s SummerFest the most successful ever. “If you can help in this way, please return your sold tickets along with payment to the School Office by Thursday morning, May 30th at 9:00 am. “Thanks for your consideration. And thanks, also, to each and everyone of you who have worked so hard to put on this year’s SummerFest. I know it’s not easy for anyone, but the commitment you show in sharing so generously with your time, talent, and treasure truly makes St. Angela’s the best school community around. God bless.”