Update on Julia Jones- 7th Grade Student

Thank you to everyone who came to the beautiful prayer service last night and those who came to 8 am mass this morning for Julia.  Your continued prayers are very appreciated by the whole Jones family.  I will continue to update you when I have news, which is not often.  I apologize if I have not responded to your text – I simply don’t have enough time.  In order for me to reach the scope of those concerned for the Jones family, I will be sending updates via email.  Please feel free to forward these messages on the whoever I may have missed.
I spoke briefly with Kathy this morning.  There has been no change in Julia’s condition.  She continues with a fever that is sometimes up and sometimes down.  She is very weak.  Because she is intubated, she can’t talk but is anxious to communicate.  She doesn’t have enough strength to write and so gets frustrated.  Sometimes she has to be sedated so she doesn’t get worked up and put extra strain in her heart.
Mike and Kathy are able to spend their nights with Julia – there is a small pull out couch they can sleep on.  I know many of you have offered to help with their other 3 kids, but I have gotten no indication yet when they will be returning to school.  I will definitely let you know when your offers are needed.  Mike and Kathy have specifically asked for NO VISITORS.  One reason is they can’t risk Julia  being exposed to any illness, but more importantly is it gets Julia too excited and her heart can’t take that right now.  If that changes I will let you know. 
Thank you again for your prayers.  I will try to send updates as often as I get them.  You are welcome to send questions  my way and I will do my best to answer them.
Gina Mock