January Disciples of the Month

January Disciples of the Month
February 04, 2013 09:00:00
By Nancy Windisch


Juliana V. is a true disciple that cares for her friends. She shows compassion and a genuine concern for her friends. It is wonderful to see how cooperative she is in the classroom and will always share with a friend. Juliana comes to school with a smile and a hard working attitude, even when something is a bit challenging she gives it her all ! We are so proud of you Juliana and know you will continue to walk with Jesus and show others how a disciple of Jesus’ behaves and works.


Our Disciple of the month is Ella Z.  She exemplifies our school motto, Reverence, Respect, and Responsibility.  Ella is sweet and kind to her classmates and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Ella is a good listener in class and out of class. She works hard and always tries to do her best. Mrs. Martinez is very proud of you.  Keep up the great work!


1st Grade

Christopher S. has been chosen as the 1st grade disciple for January.  He is a hard working student who always has a positive attitude about school.  He is friendly and caring with his teachers and classmates.  Christopher always has a smile on his face, a twinkle in his eyes, and is eager to share stories.  Congratulations Christopher!  We are proud of you.


2nd Grade

This month’s disciple of the month, is not only an excellent student who strives for academic excellence, but is someone who has shown kindness through reverence, respect and responsibility toward her classmates and teacher. Second grade would like to congratulate Julia T.


3rd Grade

The 3rd grade disciple of the month is Ian M.  Ian has been working hard to complete assignments neatly and on-time.  Ian has begun to share more of his ideas and makes excellent contributions to class discussions.  He is an excellent artist and I enjoy seeing his creations.  Keep up the great work!


4th Grade

The Disciple of the Month for January is Arthur N. Arthur exhibits the school motto of Reverence, Respect, and Responsibility. He works hard in class to stay focused and participates in class discussions. Arthur gets along well with his classmates and has shown great respect towards his teachers. He comes to class ready to learn and has put forth great effort in his class assignments this past month. Arthur always tries his best and has worked hard to be responsible and organized. I am proud of his accomplishments this month. Keep up the great job in fourth grade Arthur!


5th Grade

5th Grade is Proud to Nominate Payton C. for January’s Disciple of the Month.  Payton is a sweetheart.  She works very hard in class and is always on task.  Payton is extremely patient and perseveres to finish every assignment no matter how long it takes.  Payton embodies every part of the St. Angela Merici  motto of reverence, respect, and responsibility.  Payton is a friend to all and a friend of all too.  She is kind and considerate in class and out of class and always eager to lend a helping hand.  Her smile, her gentle spirit, and her enthusiasm combine to make Payton a model student.  Congratulations Payton from 5th grade


6th Grade

The 6th Grade Disciple of the Month is Melita K. Melita is a truly proud Catholic who constantly lives her faith with her actions, words, and treatment of others. Melita is exceptionally knowledgeable about many things, but especially her faith. She often shares insightful information and stories during religion class and adds a lot to our saint discussions. Melita is a wonderful example of a life-long learner as she truly wants to gain information and use her knowledge to serve those around her, as well as God. She has fun participating in Eucharist and she is very reverent during class prayer and intentions. Melita is a friend to those around her and her behavior is a constant reminder to her classmates of how to display reverence, respect and responsibility. Great Job Melita, keep up the good work!


7th Grade

The Disciple of the Month for 7th Grade is Nolan P.  Nolan is a thoughtful student who is kind to his classmates and is always respectful to his teachers.  When he  participates, he offers interesting insights and shows a love for learning by asking thought provoking questions.  Nolan has also worked really hard on his organization, being more responsible, and on turning in all of his assignments these past couple of months and it has definitely begun to pay off.  Keep working hard Nolan!  7th Grade is very lucky to have you in our class.

8th Grade

Alison A. is 8th grade’s Disciple of the Month for January. She exhibits reverence, respect and responsibility in so many simple ways throughout  every school day at St. Angela’s.  Alison reminds me of St. Theresa the little flower who showed kind words and actions in small, unobvious deeds.  Whether she is helping out a classmate, always paying attention in class, or just saying kind words of encouragement, Alison’s little acts every day make such a difference in all of our lives. Congratulations Alison for being the very deserving Disciple of the Month.