Updated News from St Angela- Friday, January 11th, 2013

Happy New Year and welcome back from your holidays!!  The staff wishes to say a big THANK YOU for all of your well wishes and gifts before the holidays.  We are so grateful to have such a wonderful community of parents and children.  Please read the following important reminders for the school:


1.  The Cougar News is always posted on Thursday via Sycamore.  Please log in to view the Cougar News.

2.  Security/Prevention Plans at St Angela-  The staff was able to meet on Wednesday am to go over our current crisis prevention plan.  We will always continue to update, change and make our school as safe as possible for you children.  We ask for the following from the parents:  We need ALL parents to ALWAYS check in at the front office at ALL times.  This is for the security of your children.  If you are volunteering, dropping off a lunch, personal items, etc.. Stop on in the office and receive a yellow badge.  Thank you..

Our staff is continously being prepared and trained for all situations at our school.  We are in the process of installing a peep hole in our Pre Kinder door and will look into adding these to all of our classrooms.  Our classrooms doors will remain locked from the outside, we have updated our broadcast system and security system for the school.


3.  Eucharist on Tuesday am-  For the remaining of the school year, Father Michael is going to work with our children with teaching masses and prayer services.  The current daily mass, for our parishioners, does not have the time to work with our children due to other ministries utilizing the church.  We are very excited to have the children work with Father Michael and come to understand the parts of the mass, be hands on and be part of the liturgy.  Father Michael will be coming over to the classes each week to present a prayer service or Eucharist to our children.


4.  We NEED every parent to UPDATE your family information ASAP on Sycamore.  With our new security system, includes an all call and text to parents, we MUST have your correct information, including your student’s medical information.  Please log in to Sycamore,

click on “My Sycamore” and click on “My Family”-  Update ALL your information, contacts and medical.  This is VERY important to put in our system.

Click on “My School” and click on “My Notifications” to enable each parent for their cell phones for text messages and or all calls.  This is part of our Safety alert system.

Pass A Note- You may click on options to enable your Pass A Notes to be linked to your email accounts.

5.  Monday, January 14th- Very Important meeting for parents in grades 5-8 who son/daughter has a smartphone, computer access, internet, facebook, instagram and any other media access.  We have a guest speaker who will give you much insight of what your children are doing on all these devices and the best way to protect your children’s safety.  The meeting will be in the hall at 6:30 pm.  If you have any other questions, please contact Kelly Spies or the Youth Ministry office.

6.  Open House Flyers- Please help us distribute flyers to local areas and pre-schools for our Open House.  Flyers are in the school office.

7.  Thursday, January 31st- 12:00 Dismissal.  Father Michael was able to gather a tour, during Catholic School Weeks, of the new Christ Cathedral for all of our staff.  Due to a last minute 12:00 Dismissal, we will offer free extended care for those who do not use this program.

Thank you and do not forget to look on Sycamore for “December” Disciples of the month, Cougar News, Calendar events and much more…