Catholic School Week- letter from our Pastor

Catholic Schools: Raising the Standard is the theme for this year’s National Catholic Schools Week of Celebration for 2013. We at Saint Angela Merici have always strived to raise the bar providing not only a quality education for our students, but also striving for excellence in academics, social and personal development, encouraging a faith-filled commitment to our Catholic-Christian tradition.


In our most recent WASC (Western Association of School and Colleges), Saint Angela Merici not only was awarded the highest rating of any Catholic School in the Diocese of Orange, but was also honored with an excellence rating, which is above the highest level that can be awarded to any Catholic School! We have much to be proud about at Saint Angela, and we congratulate the Leadership of our school, our Faculty, and support staff!


Sunday, January 27, begins our celebration of Catholic Schools Week at Saint Angela Merici. In the past our parishioners have been very, very, very supportive by their presence and compliments to our school staff. This year we continue to pre-sent “our very best” as we begin to celebrate this wonderful gift of Catholic Education. Please join us after the 9:30 AM Eucharist on January 27th for a wonderful BAR-B-Q in the field as well as all the other activities, events, and displays that our students will proudly share with us on Catholic Schools Sunday. Last year so many of our parishioners attended and then toured the school. This means so much to our faculty, staff and students. In the past years, there have been attempts to cur-tail Catholic “education” in many of our institutions. Catholic education is one avenue by which the gift of our faith, its values, and family life are shared and with
our students and witnesses loudly to those who wish to quiet the tradition of our beliefs. When we look at our young people today we do not just vision the future of the Catholic Church, but the Catholic Church today,
and our support, presence, and encouragement to enhance the quality and service of excellence to develop a faith-filled total person is our Gospel mandate. Mark your calendars. Have a treat at our BAR-B -Q, and take some time to be Proud to be Catholic and come over to the school and see the experience one of the greatest gifts that have been given to us by God and the Church: Our Catholic Education. Let us all “raise the bar” and maintain the standards of excellence in our Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Orange and at Saint Angela Merici! See you on the 27th of January!


Father Michael-Dwight