Cougar News- Thursday, November 8th, 2012

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Reverence, Respect, Responsibility

Thursday, November 8th


Bible Verse of the Month:

God satisfies the thirsty soul. God fills the hungry                                                  soul with good things.”

                                                                      Psalm 107:9


In this issue

  • Auction Dinner- Nov 10th
  • Parent/Teacher Conference  Nov 14-16
  • Bully Awareness Week  Nov 12-16
  • School Raffle Ticket Reminder
  • Christmas Production and Prayer Service
  • Sycamore Tips for Parents
  • Parent Education

Christmas Production- Dec 18th   6:00 pm

St Angela Merici Parish School is proud to present the " A Christmas Carol" as a production for the parents.  This play is to allow our students to have the experience of theater arts and to share their talents with their peers and families.  The script has been read by a couple of staff members, including the administration.  The songs will include fun songs "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" to "The First Noel". 
This will be presented on Tuesday, December 18th at 6:00 pm in the church.  All students are involved with the production, but as always, is optional for the children.

Christmas Prayer Service   Dec. 20th   9:30 am

We also would like the parents to join us on Thursday, December 20th at 9:30 am to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.  All of our students will be participating in the
story of the birth of our Jesus Christ with prayers, spiritual songs and celebration.  This is NOT optional for our students to attend due to it is part of the school day.  We highly encourage our parents to show for this celebration due to the majority of our parents do come to school that day to celebrate Christmas parties. 

We have a production and a prayer service this school year and are very excited about both days.

Clip Art/momsintouch.jpg

Dear heavenly father, I bring before you__________.  I pray that as ________ is with you Lord, that she/he continues to walk with your guidance knowing that you are forever everlasting, the beginning and the end.  May ________ always begin his/her day with you inviting your most Holy Spirit to her/his heart.  May she/he be rooted in you Lord, and firmly established in the faith you have given her/him.


School Raffle Tickets

Do NOT forget to pick up your raffle tickets in the front office.  The money and tickets are due February 1st.  This is a mandatory fundraiser for the school.  Each family is required to sell 2 tickets.

SLE of the Week

3A:  An Effective Communicator who articulates ideas clearly and creatively through writing and speaking

Charity of the Month- Hurricane Sandy victims affiliated with St Angela Merici School in Bronx, NY

We are collecting Kid's coats, hats, gloves and scarfs through Nov 16th.  We will also be collecting monetary donations.

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Parent Education: Know the difference between Teasing and Bullying

Teasing is acceptable when:
• We use teasing and roasting as a way of fitting in or talking to our friends and everyone involved is getting an equal share of the teasing. (Kids are not ganging up on one person.)
• People are not making fun of someone’s disabilities, ethnicity, faith, or other characteristics that are out of the person’s control.
• The teasing is not repeated over and over again. It is one thing to be called short, but it is another to be called short on a daily basis. That gets old.
• It is not meant to harm you in any way, and if you asked the person to stop, they would.
• It is done by someone you have a close relationship with. There is always the possibility friends can take teasing too far and end up in a fight, but usually bullying is not involved.

Bullying behavior occurs when these three characteristics are present:
1. There is a pattern of behavior established. An example of bullying behavior is saying mean and hurtful things to one person or several people on purpose and for no reason at all. This may include making threatening comments or actions toward one or more. I realize that mean and hurtful words and interpreting threatening comments and actions are subjective. What is mean and threatening to one young person may not be to another. The important concept here to remember is establishing a pattern of behavior. (Many young people have shared with me that bullying behavior only needs to happen one time as opposed to a pattern of behavior which is expressed in the research).
2. The bullying behavior has a negative impact on the targetvictim.
3. An imbalance of power is established. An imbalance of power occurs when a person feels threatened by someone’s words or actions and their perception is that they won’t be able to protect themselves. We must believe the young persons perception if we as adults are going to help them.
Many students today are using instant messaging, e-mail messages, text messaging, and creating websites in order to ridicule, threaten and intimidate other students. These acts are called (cyber-bullying). If we as parents are going to allow our young people the freedom to use this technology, then it is up to us to provide them with guidelines along with an internet safety contract.

It's What We Do

Auction Dinner- Nov 10th

We look forward in seeing everyone on Saturday, Nov 10th.   What a wonderful evening to share with each other and to show the support for our children.

Need a babysitter for auction?

Youth ministry has a list of certified, driving babysitters for you!  Call Kelly Spies at 714 402-3913

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SAM Stands up to Bullying

St Angela will be celebrating "Bully Awareness Week"- November 12th-16th

Monday, November 12th
– Kick-off Day!  Get the Facts

Tuesday, November 13th- Bullying is a Community Issue Day
Wednesday, November 14th– Stop Cyberbullying!
Thursday, November 15th– BE the Change! Youth Leadership and Action Day!
Friday, November 16th– BLUE Friday!  Wear blue as a sign of peace and safety today

Student Led Parent Conferences:

Our Student Led Parent Conferences will be held on November 14, 15, and 16th.  Students in grades 3-8 MUST attend with their parents to the conferences. 

Wed-Friday  12:00 Dismissal


Youth Ministry News

A big artistic "Thank You" for all the beautiful artwork donated to all the "Art for Kids Auction" (Carazon de Vida)  All money will be donated to these orphanages in Baja Mexico for art supplies

Clip Art/christmas.jpg

SAM Youth Ministry is selling wreaths, swags, and garland.  A flyer is in your yellow communication flyer.  Last chance to order is Monday, November 12!  All proceeds benefit Jr. High Ministry, retreats, Youth Day and Steubenville!  Any questions? Call Kelly 714-529-1821 ex. 147  Thank you for your support!!!!

Community Partnership Program

Box Tops:  Keep collecting Box Tops throughout the school year…  We earned $623.20 for the summer!!!  We will be receiving a check for $1021.90 in November.

Ink Cartridges:  Turn in your cartridges to the front office.  The school receives credit from Staples for copy paper

Coke Rewards:  Collect tops of coke products and/or inside of 12 pack containers for the numbers.  The school ordered an activity pac for PE classes, a jumbo floor nutrition game for Kinder and looking to purchase a video flip camera!!  You may turn in the reward points to the front office

Escrip/Vons:  Year to date  $811.31

Labels for education: Turn into the office

Ralphs:  Look for your letter soon to enroll!!

Recyclying: Continuous throughout the year

Sycamore Tips:

How Do I check my Parent Conference Time?

Log into Sycamore Home Page
On the right side, click on  
Parent / Teacher Conference

  Check Your Schedule

Click on the date and child's name

When you see the time that has a little person, you may scroll over and see your child's name

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