Cougar News- Thursday, November 1st

Reverence, Respect, Responsibility

Thursday, November 1st

"It's What we do"

Cougar News

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  • Parent/Teacher Confeence Nov 14-16
  • Auction Dinner- Nov 10th
  • Christmas Production and Prayer Service
  • Parent Education
  • Sycamore Tips for Parents

SLE of the Week

2D:   A Life-long learner who develops critical thinking skills to solve problems.

Charity of the Month

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Hurricane Sandy!!  More information to come

Christmas Production- Dec 18th   6:00 pm

St Angela Merici Parish School is proud to present the " A Christmas Carol" as a production for the parents.  This play is to allow our students to have the experience of theater arts and to share their talents with their peers and families.  The script has been read by a couple of staff members, including the administration.  The songs will include fun songs "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" to "The First Noel".  This wi
ll be presented on Tuesday, December 18th at 6:00 pm in the church.  All students are involved with the production, but as always, is optional for the children.

Christmas Prayer Service   Dec. 20th   9:30 am

We also would like the parents to join us on Thursday, December 20th at 9:30 am to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.  All of our students will be participating in the story of the birth of our Jesus Christ with prayers, spiritual songs and celebration.  This is NOT optional for our students to attend due to it is part of the school day.  We highly encourage our parents to show for this celebration due to the majority of our parents do
come to school that day to celebrate Christmas parties. 

We have a production and a prayer service this school year and are very excited about both days.

School Raffle Tickets

Do NOT forget to pick up your raffle tickets in the front office.  The money and tickets are due February 1st!!  This is a mandatory fundraiser for the school.  Each family is required to sell 2 tickets.

Parent Education

What are online worlds for young kids?
Club Penguin, Webkinz, Neopets, Dizzywood, Millsberry, and others are online playgrounds for kids ages 6-8.
They’re called virtual worlds, because they create entirely new and different environments for your children.

Some facts
In 2008, an estimated 8 million U.S. kids visited virtual worlds on a regular basis (eMarketer, 2009).
In May 2009, children aged 2-11 made up nearly 10% of the active online universe (Nielsen, 2010).
18% of 8- to 10-year-olds spend time on some kind of social networking site daily (Kaiser, 2010).
There were 700,000 re
gistered users on Club

Penguin in 2007 (Disney, 2007).

Typically, your children will create an avatar (a cartoon character of themselves), which they can dress up and play with in the game. Then they create their own “room,” which they can decorate and where they store
all of the items they win or buy with virtual money.  Most online worlds have mini-games and “hangouts” where kids can use their imaginations, test their skills,
and interact with others. They chat with other players using pre-scripted phrases, and can compete against other players’ game scores. Most online worlds have rules regulating behavior on the site, including the ability
to flag players who misbehave. Many also have guidelines for parents and may
even send you an update on your child’s online activities.

To keep these worlds safe from predators and free from advertisers, many virtual worlds charge a subscription fee for access to all of their premium features. Some require you to buy a toy that has a code that unlocks the
site for your child.

Year of Faith

Auction Dinner- Nov 10th

The St. Angela Merici Parish School Dinner Auction Fundraiser is just around the corner!  Look for your invitation by mail and don't hesitate to send in your RSVP.  Seating is limited!  Secure a babysitter and invite friends and family to join your table.

We need donations-  Fine wines, gourmet baskets, theatre tickets, concert tickets, art work, portrait sittings, sporting event tickets, sport lessons, tutoring, etc…

For more information, please contact Irene Strother

Student Led Parent Conferences

Our Student Led Parent Conferences will be held on November 14, 15, and 16th.  Students in grades 3-8 MUST attend with their parents to the conferences.  To sign up for your conference time, you may do so on Sycamore starting Friday, October 19th.  Please follow the directions:

1.  Click on the Parent Conference Calendar on your home page (right side)

Parent Teacher Conference

 Parent / Teacher Conference

  Check Your Schedule

2.  Choose your Date and Student

Choose the HOMEROOM Teacher first and time, than click confirm.

For the OUTSIDE teachers, you may ALSO click on a date and time to set up a conference if needed.

Middle School- Click on your HOMEROOM teacher first.  The other subjects you MAY book are Science, Technology, Music/Spanish, PE.  DO NOT click on Mrs. Brandt, Ms. Curran or Mrs. VanDyke if they are NOT your homeroom teachers.

                      Sycamore Tips:

Site Basics – Parents: Navigating the Site


Homepage – the homepage is where you land when you first login to Sycamore. Any time you want to get back to this page, you need to click on the Home link in the upper left menu.


The home page contains four different fields:

  1. The header across the top displays your school name, logo and the current school year.  Clicking on the logo may be a link to the school’s public web site. In the top right, you will also see icons  with your students' names listed below or thumbnail photos for each of your current students. Clicking on an icon will open that student’s profile. 
  2. To the left is the Sycamore Education school site menu.
  3. The center section of the home page will list recent news articles, upcoming calendar events, uploaded documents or photos depending on which tab is on the top.
  4. The last area on the homepage is a vertical display of boxes on the right of the page that offer information that pertains to the school, which may include: Flash News, Today’s Events, Staff Logged In, Documents, and Photos or Link Highlights.  Also in this area is a display of your Local Weather based on your school’s zip code.

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Create in ___________ a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within him/her.  From Psalm 51:10

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