Help St. Angela Parish celebrate 50 years


Our parish will be celebrating our 50th 
anniversary next year. To commemorate the
occasion, we plan to publish an Anniversary
Family Pictoral Directory. 
Photos will be taken Dec 16-18 and Feb.28-Mar
31. In order to make this a success, we need
3 Team Leaders. The teams will solicit and
schedule volunteers in the following areas. 

1) Sign-ups on the Plaza after Eucharist (help
 folks to make their appointments. 
2) Reminder calls. (call a day or 2 ahead to
 remind folks of their appointment.) 
3) Host the check in table when families come
 to be photographed. Check them in and verify
 their family info for photos. We are
 advertising in the bulletin for volunteers
 which we will pass on to the teams. 

Please contact Bonnie Garcia at the Parish office.  For those families who needed to add a parent participation job for the year, this would count towards your commitment.