Congratulations April Disciples of the Month!

Jr. K – Isaac C.
Isaac has shown kindness and love towards his classmates. Isaac ha been very helpful and goes out of his way to be helpful.

Kinder – Ava G.
Ava has done an excellent job in her writing skills. She is a hard conscientious worker. We are very proud of her and the effort she puts in everything she does.

1st Grade – Ava R.
Ava is a wonderful example of a good disciple. She is patient and kind with everyone. Ava is hardworking and puts forth her best effort in all she does. She is always smiling and happy in the classroom and on the playground. Ava is a delight to have in our class. Congratulations Ava!

2nd Grade –  Brianna C.
Brianna demonstrates trustworthiness and respect toward all her peers and teachers. She models examples of responsibility, fairness, and good citizenship in and out of the classroom. Brianna is always listening and following directions. Great job Brianna.

3rd Grade – Diego G.
Diego is our disciple of the month. He has worked hard to be an example of our classroom expectations and school motto. He participates often in all subjects, and in mass as well. He is a great addition to our school. Miss Cawthra is very proud of him and know he will continue to succeed.

4th Grade – Katarina A.
Katarina is disciple of the month because she has a positive attitude towards school and shows respect towards her teachers and classmates. She is very responsible with turning in her assignments and remains on task in the classroom. Katarina has shown great effort during math class this month and Ms. Jaime gives her a round of applause for doing her best.  Alright Katarina! Hooray for you!

5th Grade – Matthew C.
Matthew is the 5th grade Disciple of the Month for April. Matthew is a quiet worker who listens attentively and participates actively. Matthew takes pride in his work and strives to give his work his best efforts. Matthew is an excellent artist and uses his talent to bring a unique perspective to many of his assignments. Matthew is a good citizen as well and takes classroom jobs seriously. He remembers what his classroom job is and follows through with his responsibility. Matthew is a considerate student and respectful of each of his classmates. Congratulations Matthew on being 5th grade’s Disciple of the Month.

6th Grade – Christy F.
Christy made a conscious effort to get her grades up and work hard to prepare for tests. Christy always demonstrates reverence and shows respect towards adults and classmates.

7th Grade – Alyssa J.
She has a business-like approach to her work habits: well-organized, maintains a thorough MegaPlanner, listens to instructions, completes assignments before due date. A.J. also enjoys spending time with her classmates during recess and lunch. She also stayed active in SAM after-school sports activities. Not only this month, but throughout her entire Seventh Grade experience, Ms. Jordan has been a fantastic SAM Disciple.

8th Grade – William M.
Willian is 8th grade’s April disciple of the month. Will continually exhibits strong leadership skills in his class maintaining a positive, responsible, and controlled attitude at all times. He always chooses to take the best moral path in his decisions and actions. William is a wonderful example of a focused and respectful 8th grader from the class of 2011.