Student Council

Student Council is our SAM student-elected governing body, designed to develop leadership skills and practice the principles of democracy. Student Council is an exceptional team of 7th and 8th grade leaders that guide our campus with a servant’s heart, by promoting school spirit and Catholic identity. Student Council members exemplify Reverence, Respect, and Responsibility in every aspect of campus duties. Student Council is responsible for daily Broadcast, Spirit Rallies, Red Ribbon Week, Bully Awareness Week, Catholic Schools Week, SAM Talent Show, special events and campus fundraisers.

Our  2017-2018 Student Council

Student Council

Co-Presidents:   Isaiah B. and Kendra M.

Vice President:   Kevin W.

Spirit:  Brian B.

Religious Affairs:  Tessa L.

Ecology: Sarah Y.

Historian:  Hunter T.

Girls Athletics:  Justine A.

Boys Athletics:  Noah G.

Secretary:  Kailey L.

Treasurer:  Chrysanne M.

Student Ambassador:  CJ T.

Safety:  Gavin C.

Audio:  Ian R.

Mobile Video Coordinator:  Michaela P.

Video Engineer:  David L.

Camera:  Ben W.