Cougar News, Week of September 27th


27 September 2018



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A Message from Principal Tapia


 Hello SAM Family,


Thank you for all of the love and support last week while my family mourned the loss of my father. SAM is such a loving community and I thank God every day for each of you. Thank you for the prayers, emails, cards, and flowers! They brought many smiles to my face. I am truly blessed!


I look forward to seeing each of you this Saturday, September 29 at 5pm for our first Family Mass of the year. As a reminder, all students who attend in formal uniform may wear free dress on Monday, October 1 (please see the school handbook for free dress guidelines). TK/3rd/5th are hosting and are encouraged to sign up here to help.



With Gratitude,


Mrs. Julianna Tapia



A Message from Father Dave


Dear Parents,


I would like to address the current situation within the Catholic Church in regards to the reports of abuse. For starters, our Diocese settled it’s abuse cases 15 years ago and now Pennsylvania’s settling their cases and next month it’ll be another Diocese and this will go on for years until all cases have been settled. What do we know about all these cases? First, the overwhelming bulk of these cases date back from the 1960’s to 1990’s. Back then the Church and modern psychology believed that these abusers could be healed. But unfortunately today we realize that such long term healing is almost impossible. Since this revelation in the early 2000’s the Church has put into place safe guards to keep our children and youth safe from predators. These safeguards include, but is not limited to requiring all Bishops, priests, deacons, employees, volunteers, and anyone who works with children and youth:  


♦ Be fingerprinted according to Diocesan and Department of Justice procedures; 

♦ Be background checked by the Department of Justice;

♦ Undergo Safe Environment training and certification; with continuing education every three years;

♦ Are mandated by law as mandatory reporters. 


Additionally seminarians, (priests and deacons) undergo a comprehensive psychological evaluation before entering the seminary and undergo yearly human formation training and education throughout their ordained lives. Should an accusation of sexual abuse be reported, the complaint is sent to and investigated by law enforcement and the Diocese immediately. Victims of sexual abuse by church staff are urged to report the abuse by calling the toll free number (800) 364-3064. The Diocese of Orange has a zero tolerance policy as it applies to sexual abuse cases regardless of the position of the offender. Implementing these safeguards has dramatically reduced the number of reported abuse cases.


Since abuse cases have come to light we’ve all gone through many of the same emotions; from shock, disgust and anger to grief and disappointment. So much hurt and pain because of the horrible actions of some priest’s. And so on behalf of the priesthood of Jesus Christ, I say to you that I am truly sorry and will continue to pray for the healing of all persons effected.


The complete story about the abuse cases in Pennsylvania has not been reported in the media. For this reason we must be vigilant in our pursuit of truth, to get the full story. The Catholic League and Spirit Daily both have compelling reports and blogs which add a reassuring element to where the Church is today as compared to the 1960’s through the 90’s. I have also personally found Bishop Barron’s comments and reflections on this issue to be of great value. Please watch his latest video’s at: and


As I’ve said, I’m a believer….not because of Judas but because of Jesus. What some priests and bishops did was terribly evil, for me to leave the Church Jesus started because of them would be like saying that evil wins. All my life I’ve been fighting for good and so now today, how could I allow myself to leave Jesus in the Eucharist because of the horribly evil actions of a few? Yes, those who have broken laws, broken trust and broken innocent lives need to be held responsible for their crimes so that all victims may have their day of justice and hopefully this will never happen again.  As Christians we believe that good will always triumph over evil. Our calling is to be part of the solution, to help bring God’s goodness, God’s kingdom to earth.

Let there be no doubt that our obligation to protect children and young people is our highest priority. So please keep the faith and be assured that our Parish is a Safe Environment for all people, young and old! If you’d like to discuss the abuse issue more please contact me at (714) 529-1821 X116.


Blessings always in Christ Jesus, Fr. Dave


Blessing of the Animals


The Blessing of the Animals will take place on Thursday, October 4th at 9:30 AM. We hope you and your pets can join us to celebrate the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi!


Charleston Wrap Deadline


The Charleston Wrap fundraiser deadline is TOMORROW, Friday, September 28th. Deliveries will be made in November. 


October Charity of the Month: National Breast Cancer Foundation


The October Charity of the Month is the National Breast Cancer Foundation. All throughout the month, we will have Pink Friday’s: if a students may bring in $1 every Friday of October and wear a pink shirt with uniform bottoms and any pink accessories (socks, bows, etc.). Walk HIS Way and support the National Breast Cancer Foundation!


National Bullying Prevention Month


Throughout October, which is National Bullying Prevention Month, St. Angela Merici Parish School will educate students on how to STOMP Out Bullying and cyberbullying. Each week will have a different theme:

  • Week 1: Bully Awareness
  • Week 2: Playground Awareness 
  • Week 3: Cyberbullying Awareness
  • Week 4: Be the Change – Youth Leadership in Action


Save the Date: Parent Club Meeting


St. Juliana School has graciously invited the parents of St. Angela Merici to join their Parent Club Meeting on October 11th where two Fullerton Police Department Officers will talk about safety. Detective Michael Greene (Fullerton PD Gang Unit/SWAT Member) and Detective Tori Chandler (Fullerton PD Family Crimes Unit) will be the presenters. Detective Greene’s presentation will be under the title of “Run-Hide-Fight”, and Detective Chandler’s presentation will be under the title of “Your Children and Social Media”. It will be a very informative evening, so please plan on attending! More information to come.


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Blessing of the Animals

charleston wrap deadline

October Charity of the Month: national breast cancer foundation

National bullying prevention month

save the date: parent club meeting

rummage sale

Sign-Up Genius 


 Please disregard the automatic email that went out stating you signed up for September 28th, 2018. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Front Office if you have any questions about your parent position and date.


Rummage Sale


The Rummage Sale will be rescheduled for the spring. More information to come.


Mosquitoes on Campus


On Monday, September 24th, 2018, Orange County Vector came to inspect our campus regarding the reported mosquito issue and did not find any areas of breeding or concern. They did inform us that the problem is rampant in Orange County right now and that the mosquitoes can bite quite often without dying. They can also travel from area to area and are extremely hard to contain. 


If your child is prone to bug bites, OC Vector suggests using bug spray as a preventative measure. If you would like further information on the mosquitoes, you can visit the Orange County Vector at


New Cougar Cash Coordinator 


Cindy Gutierrez is the new Cougar Cash Coordinator and has now begun taking over the duties of this position. If you have any questions, concerns or problems, please contact Cindy at moc.l1560733329iamg@1560733329hsacr1560733329aguoc1560733329alegn1560733329ats1560733329" >moc.l1560733329iamg@1560733329hsacr1560733329aguoc1560733329alegn1560733329ats1560733329.


Boys & Girls Club Forms


All families must fill out a Boys & Girls Club form for the 2018-2019 school year. This form is due now to the Front Office. Below you will find a sample of the form; it is available for download and print in the DOCUMENTS tab of Sycamore, located on the left side of the screen under the SCHOOL drop down menu. It can be found in the “School Forms” folder once you click on DOCUMENTS.




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