May the 4th Be With You-Friday

May the Fourth Be With You


In honor of May the Fourth Be with You we will be having a Star Wars celebration at school this Friday! Students may wear Star War Costumes, Star Wars shirts, all Star Wars accessories, or either black or white to represent the dark side and the light side. We will be having special Star Wars broadcast segments, class costume contests, coloring and drawing contests, bake sale, and outside activities to celebrate May the Fourth Be with You.


8:10 Morning Broadcast Segment (delayed for Muffins for Moms)


8:20 Costume Contest – student council will come around to classrooms to judge costumes and deliver classroom activities (coloring wkst, word search wkst, maze wkst, etc.)


10:00 Bake Sale for lower grades
10:25 Bake Sale for Middle School


12:00 Midday Broadcast- make sure TV’s are on!


12:30 Lunchtime Star Wars Outside Activities for Lower Grade


1:40 Leadership Skills Star Wars Outside Activities for Middle School