Summerfest Lip Syncs/PAL Track Meet

To all St. Angela Families,



Summerfest LipSync- Practices may begin at School- The Week of May 7th


Summerfest is around the corner and students are excited to participate in this year’s lip syncs!!  We are strongly suggesting all classes to get together as all boys, all girls, or both to do a class lip sync.  This will continue to build on the unity of the class and the parents.  This is optional for the students, however, an invite is there for every child.

For those students wanting to do a 2nd lip sync with a friend or a group,  they must participate in the whole class lip sync.  

Please read the Cougar News for submitting the class song, dance, etc to Miss Nina.



PAL Track Meet- May 19th and 20th-  Grades 1-8

Please sign up HERE if you are interested:



 I just wanted to give you guys a heads-up regarding the track meet on May 19 and 20.  I know some of you are preparing already, so this is what has been decided for our meet that is a change from last year.  We have added the 50 meter sprint – heats and finals – for grades 1-3.  

We will add the “Ironman” for grade 8 – one boy and one girl – this is totally voluntary on your part, and more info will come on that later.  You must designate the 3 events that will be part of your team score with your regular registration.  
Below you will find the order of events for the elementary meet on saturday.  of course, this means you can “throw out the window” the starting times from last year’s meet.  Remember that we ran so fast last year that we were WAY ahead of previous schedules.
I am attaching a copy of the start times of last year’s meet anyway, as I believe that the meet on Sunday will be fairly similar as no event has been added and we are running the events in the same order.
Please remember that we are at Aliso Niguel HS.  I have no information for you yet regarding specifics of team areas, etc., but hope to meet with them next week to put that together.
4th grade boys 1600
4th grade girls 1600
3rd grade boys 50 prelims
3rd grade girls 50 prelims
2nd grade boys 50 prelims
2nd grade girls 50 prelims
1st grade boys 50 prelims
1st grade girls 50 prelims
3rd grade boys 50 finals
3rd grade girls 50 finals
2nd grade boys 50 finals
2nd grade girls 50 finals
1st grade boys 50 finals
1st grade girls 50 finals
4th grade boys 4 x 100
4th grade girls 4 x 100
3rd grade boys 4 x 100
3rd grade girls 4 x 100
2nd grade boys 4 x 100
2nd grade girls 4 x 100
1st grade boys 4 x 100
1st grade girls 4 x 100
4th grade boys 100 prelims
4th grade girls 100 prelims
3rd grade boys 100 prelims
3rd grade girls 100 prelims
2nd grade boys 100 prelims
2nd grade girls 100 prelims
1st grade boys 100 prelims
1st grade girls 100 prelims
4th grade boys 400 
4th grade girls 400 
3rd grade boys 400 
3rd grade girls 400 
2nd grade boys 400 
2nd grade girls 400 
1st grade boys 400 
1st grade girls 400 
4th grade boys 100 finals
4th grade girls 100 finals
3rd grade boys 100 finals
3rd grade girls 100 finals
2nd grade boys 100 finals
2nd grade girls 100 finals
1st grade boys 100 finals
1st grade girls 100 finals
4th grade boys 200 
4th grade girls 200 
3rd grade boys 200 
3rd grade girls 200 
2nd grade boys 200 
2nd grade girls 200 
1st grade boys 200 
1st grade girls 200 
4th grade boys 4 x 400
4th grade girls 4 x 400