Reminders for Tuesday

TACO MAN money and forms due Wednesday (see attached)

CPR- Open to all 10 years old and up- CPR and First Aid Class sign ups due tomorrow!  Feb 1st from 7:30 am-9:15 am at SAM  Make check payable to Lifeline- $40

Permission Slips NEEDED for tomorrow: (ATTACHED)

Grades 5 and 6- Brea Museum

Grades 7 and 8- Community Center

Student Council-Civic Center

ARC Team- Fire Station

**Green Team needs a second permission slip for Arovista Park Clean up


January 31st, 2017
Our Community Matters

Dress for Students- Regular Uniform OR $1 OR MORE donation to Catholic Charities to earn a free dress pass for the day

Showing our thank you’s to our own community…
8:00 am Eucharist

9:00 am (Heart Attack Lawn Signs)
**Permission Slips go out Thursday- Nancy will send these out
TK/Kinder- Rectory
1st/2nd Grade- Church
3rd/4th Grade- Boys/Girls Club
**5th/6th Grade- Museum (permission slips)
**ARC Team- Fire Station- (permission slips)-
7th/8th Grade- Community Center (permission slips) 
**Student Council- Civic Center (permission slips and drivers)

Green Team- 12-2:30 Clean up at Park