Cougar News November 3rd, 2016

Cougar News

November 3rd, 2016

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The night is finally here! This Saturday, November 5th, the 9th Annual Auction Dinner Dance will be held at the Westridge Golf Club, and the theme will be Moroccan Nights. Please make sure you have delivered your donation items to the front office and have filled out a Donor/Sponsor form; if you have not yet turned in an RSVP card, do so ASAP! We are only a couple nights away and this is an event you do not want to miss.

An important reminder: In order to make any purchases at the auction, from a single Spirit Shirt to the 8th Grade Masterpiece, all guests are required to provide a credit card number. If you chose the Express Checkout” option on the RSVP card, you will placed into a separate check-in line at the entrance of the Westridge Golf Club. If chose not to use “Express Checkout, you
will have to wait in a line to provide your credit card number. Do not forget your credit card! There are so many great auction items to chose from this year and in order to bid, you must provide your credit card number. 


We cannot wait to see you there! It is going to be a fantastic night with superb items for sale. If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Williams at (714) 608-1213 or Maria Galarze at (714) 768-9102.


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On Wednesday, November 16th, Girl Scout Troop 1930 will be holding a Bake Sale during recess. They are raising money to go on a special trip as a Troop, so send your children to school with a couple dollars to help support these ladies! Troop 1930 will be providing sugary treats for the students to enjoy and we hope everyone participates.


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Over the weekend, five of our students participated in the Damien High School Math Competition and they produced awesome results! A video that highlights the Competition will be posted soon to our school website!

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Our five competitors, Michael, Matthew, Jenna, Luke and Connor, had their mathmetician skills put to the test and we could not be prouder of the results. Michael placed FIRST out of 48 Eighth Graders on the Algebra Individual Subject Exam, and also got FOURTH place out of 131 Eighth Graders in the Math Medley! Connor placed SECOND out of 39 Seventh Graders on the Arithmetic Subject Exam! Connor also got THIRD PLACE in the Super Quiz Bowl!

As a school, we are immensely proud of these very bright individuals! Congratulations to them all!





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The results of the Box Top Contest are in! We are excited to announce the following winners:

In First PlaceFIFTH GRADE! They raised a grand total of 608 box tops. Congratulations, Fifth Grade!

In Second PlaceTHIRD GRADE! Together they collected 555 box tops.

In Third PlaceSECOND GRADE! Together they gathered 361 box tops.

Thank you to our students and parents who helped raise money for our school. We would like to send a special shoutout to the students who brought in over 50 boxtops each:

Diego (TK), Cianna (K), Everett (K), Joseph (K), 

Ben (1st), Amanda (2nd), Luke (2nd), 

Mrs. Grasko (3rd), Oliver (3rd), Nicolas (3rd), 

Joseph (4th), Matthew (4th), Isaac (5th), Gracie (5thBianca (5th) , Matthew (6th), Elisabeth (6th), 

Trent (7th), Kate (7th), Kian (8th) and Alexander (8th).

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You have the opportunity to help raise money for our wonderful school! Download the Benefit Mobile App and choose St. Angela Merici Parish School as your beneficiary. Make your first purchase from the app by November 30th, and SAM will get a $100 bonus! After that, every ten purchases made will give us another $100 bonus. Thank you for your participation.


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“May _________ act justly, love, be merciful

and walk humbly with You.”


From Micah 6:8






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