Cougar News November 10th 2016

Cougar News November 10th 2016
November 10, 2016 06:19:00
By Nancy Windisch

Cougar News

November 10th, 2016

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 Throughout the upcoming week, November 14th through the 18th, our school will be participating in Bully Awareness Week. This years theme is “Stand Up!“. Together our students and staff will be standing up to bullying, working to prevent it from occuring! Each day will have a different dress up opporunity and activities designed to educate our students on the various types of bullying, how to prevent it, and how to be an advocate for a peer who is being bullied. The schedule for next week is as follows:

Monday – Bully Awareness Week Kick-Off Day

To show that we are going to stomp out bullying, students may wear any shoes and socks of their choice.

Tuesday – Bullying is a Community Issue Day

To show we black out bullying, students may wear a black shirt with their uniform bottoms.

Wednesday – Stop Cyberbullying Day

To show that bullying of any kind is wack, students may wear wacky hair. We will be encouraging our students to post on social media in honor of Bully Awareness Week; feel free to tag our Instagram page, @stangelacougars, so we can share their image!

Thursday – Be the Change: Youth Leadership and Action Day

To show being a friend is no sweat, students may wear their uniform shirt with sweats.

Friday – Blue Friday

Blue is the nationally recognized color of Bullying Awareness, so on Friday students may wear a blue shirt with their uniform bottoms as a sign of peace and safety at our school.

Additionally, the Caught You Caring Campaign will be running during the entire week. Student Council, teachers, staff, and administration will randomly catch students committing acts of caring and kindness towards others and they will be given a voucher. The students will take this voucher to the office where they will drop it into the Caring Kids box. Three names will be drawn from the box to win a prize on Friday! 



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Our Boys A Football team has successfully made their way through the playoffs this past week and are gearing up to play for the Championship title. This Saturday, November 12th, at 12:45 PM, the boys will playing at St. Catherine’s Military Academy. Come support our boys in their final game of the season. Good luck to them as they fight to be league champions!





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Do you work for Walt Disney, Boeing, Kaiser Permanente or another large employer in our community? Do you know someone else who does? The St. Angela Merici Parish School Consultative Board has been actively pursuing grants from corporations, endowments and other organizations to support our educational programs. Now, we need your help! 

Parents who work for organizations that offer grants are a vital link to represent our school when applying and can make all the difference in having our school application stand out.

Please contact Mrs. Windisch with any information or contacts, or if you would like to see the list of organizations where we are already applying for grants. 





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We have a new uniform company! American Casual is now your go-to store for buying your children new uniforms. They have all the clothing items that our students need, from skirts to sweaters, jumpers to dress shirts, and more. Save the link to our school’s online store for future use!

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“May _______ recognize that God offers him/her eternal life and may ________ praise the Lord and give thanks to the Lord for his loving kindness is everlasting.”

-John 10:28 and Psalm 106:1

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Upcoming Events: 


Friday,  November 11th


Saturday, November 12th
  • 12:45 PM – Flag Football Championship Game at St. Catherine’s Military Academy

Monday, November 14th
  • Bully Awareness Week Begins

Tuesday, November 15th
  • Eucharist
  • 3rd Grade Study Trip

Wednesday, November 16th
  • 12:00 Early Dismissal
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thursday, November 17th
  • 12:00 Early Dismissal
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday, November 18th
  • 12:00 Early Dismissal
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences






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