Cougars News- October 20th, 2016

Cougars News- October 20th, 2016
October 20, 2016 06:14:00
By Nancy Windisch

Cougar News

October 20th, 2016

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 Next week, beginning on October 24th through the 28th, St. Angela Merici Parish School will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week. This is a week-long event that is dedicated to prevention awareness of alchohol, drugs, and other harmful substances. Our theme for this year’s Red Ribbon Week is YOLO, or You Only Live Once. To celebrate, each day has a different dress up theme!

Monday: Shade Out Drugs. Wear any red shirt with uniform bottoms and sunglasses.

Tuesday: Sock it to Drugs. Wear crazy socks with uniform.

WednesdayTeam Up Against Drugs. Wear a sports team jersey or t-shirt with uniform bottoms.

ThursdayLay Off Drugs. Wear a Hawaiin shirt with uniform bottoms.

FridayStronger Than Drugs. Wear superhero t-shirts, capes, socks, accessories with jeans or uniform bottoms, no regular shorts.


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On TuesdayOctober 25th, ALL 7th and 8th Grade students and parents are invited to attend High School Information Day at St. Angela’s! We will be having presentations from 4 different high schools: Mater Dei High School, Rosary Academy, Cornelia Connelly School, and Servite High School. We ask that the boys attend both Mater Dei and Servite’s presentations, and the girls attend Rosary, Connelly, and Mater Dei’s presentations. Do not miss out- it

s time to start thinking about your child’s future!

The schedule is as follows:

  • Mater Dei High School – 3:00-3:30PM
  • Rosary Academy & Servite High School – 3:30-4:00 PM
  • Cornelia Connelly School – 4:00-4:30 PM

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On Monday, October 31st, our school will celebrating Halloween! We have a great day planned and we encourage parents to come be involved in the festivities or take pictures of your students in the parade! The schedule for the day is:


8:15 AM – Trunk or Treat
9:15-10:45 AM – Kickball Games
11:00 AM – Class Parties
12:00 PM – Early Dismissal  *There will be no carline, so parents must pick their children up from their classrooms.

Just like any day, we do expect our students to dress appropriately. While Halloween costumes are permitted, we ask that your child refrains from wearing any scary or inappropriate costume. Additionally, no masks that cover the entire face, blood, weapons, or scary clown costumes are permitted. This is a very fun, happy, and friendly event for our students.


So, parents, how can you participate in the Halloween fun? Help out with Trunk or Treat, of course! We are looking for families to decorate their car trunks in the most fun way possible (nothing spooky, please). For some “Spooktacular” ideas, Google “Trunk or Treat” and browse through the images for some really creative ways to decorate your car! Approximately 300 students will trick or treat at your car as they parade in their Halloween best!


 If you would like to sign up, please call or text Andrea Curley at (714) 931-3887 or Rozanna Elsenpeter at (714) 315-3032. Please arrive on the blacktop at 7:30-7:45 AM to set up and the parade will begin at 8:15 AM. 

Another way parents can help is donating to the Trunk or Treat event! It would be a great help if anyone could donate items to be passed out during the parade. Items requested include but are not limited to: pretzels, pencils, candy, rice krispy treats, granola bars, spider rings, popcorn, stickers, erasers, fruit snacks, or anything else you can think of! A bag is located in the front office for you to drop off your items. Any amount is appreciated and you can choose to donate even if you are not participating in the car decorating. 




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The 9th Annual Auction Dinner Dance is right around the corner! Invitations went out last week and RSVPs are due to the front office no later than October 21.

Important announcements about invitations: In order to make any purchases at the auction, from a single Spirit Shirt to the 8th Grade Masterpiece, all guests are required to provide a credit card number. You may do so either by using the “Express Checkout” option on the RSVP card or by providing your credit card number at auction check in. To avoid the long lines during auction check in, it is highly recommended that you use the “Express Checkout” option offered on the RSVP card. Just check the box, provide your credit card number, and sign your name! We will offer a separate check in line for those guests who preregistered their credit cards. If you choose to purchase your dinner auction tickets with a personal check, you may still use the “Express Checkout” option to pre-register your credit card. If you decide not to use
Express Checkout” when you RSVP, you will have to wait in line at the auction in order to provide your credit card number.

The fun begins soon, but first we need those item donations! The Auction Committee is already beginning to collect and put together all our Auction Items.  


As always, we will take any item, big or small!  We are looking for gift cards, baskets, game tickets, movie nights, theater tickets, sport outings, theme park tickets, etc. In addition, if you have any connections for time shares, trips, wine experiences, chef experiences, etc …we would greatly appreciate it.

Please start to deliver any items to the front office. Donor/sponsor forms are available to be filled out.

If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Williams at (714) 608-1213 or Maria Galarze at (714) 768-9102.


Remember, each family is mandated to either attend or donate $400 value in items to the event. 


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This year, you have the new option to upgrade your table at the Auction Dinner to a VIP table for an elevated auction experience. For an additional $325 per table, the following perks are yours to enjoy:

  • Your table will be in a prime location
  • Your table will recieve two bottles of wine with special wine glasses
  • You will get 1 VIP photo per couple
  • Your table will enjoy an upgraded dessert that is exclusive to only the VIP tables


There will be 7 VIP tables available and they will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. We would prefer this purchase on 1 reply card, so please coordinate with your table.


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 On every Friday of this month, have your child bring in a $1 donation and they can wear pink accessories! Your student can wear anything from bows and ribbons to nail polish and socks, as long as it is PINK! We encourage everyone to participate. All proceeds raised will be going to the Cancer Research Collaboration to find a cure that will elimate cancer. 


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Please bring your Box Tops for Education to your classroom now through Friday, October 28th. The top 3 classes collecting the most Box Tops will win one of the following prizes!

Movie and Popcorn Party! Extra Recess and Snow Cones! Free Dress Pass!

(First place chooses prize first; second place chooses prize next; third place recieves remaining prize.)

Additional Prize: Each child who brings in at least 50 unexpired Box Tops will receive a small prize.

Please hand in your Box Tops to your student’s teacher. Simply place them in a plastic baggie with your child’s name printed on it. 


Contact Karyn Reed with any questions at

moc.s1527217333gnidl1527217333oh-de1527217333er@de1527217333er.ny1527217333rak1527217333 or (714) 404-9398.



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Upcoming Events:


Friday, October 21st

  • 6:30 PM – Junior High Social

Saturday, October 22nd

  • Boys B Football Tournament

Sunday, October 23rd

  • Boys B Football Tournament
  • 9:30 AM – School Parish Eucharist

Monday, Octber 24th

  • Red Ribbon Week Begins!
  • Shade Out Drugs: wear red shirt and sunglasses
  • 1:15 PM – Spirit Rally
  • 3:45 PM – Girls A1 Volleyball Game at St. Justin
  • 3:45 PM – Girls B1 Volleyball Game at Home

Tuesday, October 25th

  • Sock it to Drugs: wear crazy socks
  • 3:00 PM – High School Information Day


Wednesday, October 26th

  • Team Up Against Drugs: wear sports team jersey or t-shirt
  • 3:45 PM – Girls A1 Volleyball Game
  • 3:45 PM – Girls A2 Volleyball Game
  • 4:45 PM – Girls B2 Volleyball Game
  • 4:45 PM – Girls B1 Volleyball Game
  • 5:00 PM – Cub Scout Fundraiser at Round Table Pizza

Thursday, October 27th

  • Lay Off Drugs: wear a Hawaiin shirt
  • Kindergarten Study Trip
  • 4th Grade Retreat

Friday, October 28th

  • Stronger Than Drugs: wear superhero t-shirt, cape, socks, etc.


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Join the Cub Scouts of Pack 811 at Round Table Pizza in Brea on WednesdayOctober 26th, for a pizza fundraiser! Between the hours of 5:00 – 9:00 PM Round Table Pizza will be donating 25% of all proceeds to Pack 811. You must bring in a flyer, so be sure to pick one up from the front office!

The address to the Round Table Pizza is 732 North Brea Boulevard, Brea 92821. Come by and support!





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Prayer of the Week of 10/19 


May _____ trust in the LORD with all his/her heart and lean not on his/her own understanding.  Proverbs 3:5 




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These pictures are of our Great American Shake Out Drill.

Thank you to Mrs. Biederstadt for taking these awesome pictures! 



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