Week of September 5 updates

Check Sycamore for the weekly updates! 


Tomorrow is our school wide Eucharist at 8:00 a.m. 1st-8th Grade Students will line up with their backpacks on the blacktop. Students will begin walking over to the church at 7:50 a.m.

Wednesday- 9:15 Start
7:00 pm- General Parent Meeting- Very Important for ALL families

Thursday- Individual Picture Day. 

Students Grades 5-8 Formal Attire


Students Grades TK-4:
Girls: Jumper with any color SAM polo
Boys: Uniform shorts or uniform pants with any color polo


Room Parent Meeting- 6:30 pm


Mobile Apps


Sycamore School: Family and Sycamore School: Student are both available for download from Google and Apple mobile marketplaces. Users will have access to many of the same great tools that they’ve enjoyed in the previous versions with a few changes:
1) Interface: Users will notice ‘School’ and ‘Personal’ tabs for their convenience and we’ve brought in more of an emphasis on quickly and easily access student grades, which now pop up when visiting the ‘Personal’ tab. 
2) All Features are Free: Sycamore has always tried to be a one line item company and we weren’t able to do that with the last app. We’re happy to offer every feature in this version as part of the free package. Features from the premium version will arrive in the free version shortly. 
Users trying to login with the old version may experience difficulty so please ask families to remove the old version from their phones and use the appropriate app that features the images above. A staff app will be released shortly. 

Sync your Sycamore Calendar with your Google Calendar


In your School | Calendar, mark events as External that you will want to push to your Google Calendar.


While signed into your Google account, on the left hand side of your Google Calendar page, go to Other Calendars | Add | Add by URL, and paste this URL into the field – app.sycamoreschool.com/ics_export.php?id=2058.  You need to use the https in the URL and not http so that it is secure.


  1. Google only comes one time a day to get the information from the site. So if you put something in today, it probably will not show until sometime the next day. We do not control that.
  2. If you update an event, Google will not see it as updated. You will need to delete and add the event again for Google to see something different is there.
  3. At this point, future events will only go out 180 days.