Much needed prayers- Emily Beck

We need ALL prayers at 11:00 am for Emily Beck, 4th Grade Student, as she will be undergoing surgery at CHOC Hospital.  She is having a tumor removed in the nose/lip area and we are praying it will come back benign.  Please join us in this prayer:

With abounding fiath, we call forth the healing power of God.  Divine Healer and Lord of Wholeness, Together we place our prayers in Your Hands.  Grant our Emily peace of mind and a renewed heart.  Free her from fear and worry and fill her with courage and strength.  Bring healing to her body and through this prayer comfort her with your love and mercy.  Amen

The Beck family has asked for prayers and privacy this week as they go through this procedure with their daughter.  I will continue to keep everyone updated and will let you know if they need anything else besides prayers.  God is good and the power of prayer is amazing!  Thank you SAM community for taking the time this morning and joining us in prayer.