Astrocamp night update

Pictures can be viewed on shutterfly page-

Good Evening Sixth Grade Families,
Wow! What a busy day! We’ve been going nonstop since we got here. Two of our groups built rockets and learned about Newton’s Laws of Motion and elements of a successful rocket. We were able to launch them all but got rained on pretty good at the end. The rockets really seemed to go up high. The other group went to lights and lasers – great class but since it’s mostly in the dark – no pics. They also went to their “initiatives” class where they work together as a team to achieves a goal. 

From our dorm room we saw six deer come around the property. 

Dinner was excellent – pasta, salad, garlic bread, cookies, etc. Everyone seems to love the food.

After dinner they played human foosball – very cool! New set up that I didn’t see here before.

On the way back to the dorm rooms we saw an incredible sunset.

Tonight we had a fire drill and went to a new class called “Whirling Windmills”. The students work in pairs to design a windmill and then test and retest to improve the energy scores. They are really into it. 

We do the best we can in sending pictures. It’s a balance between living in he moment, learning and taking pictures. Know that Mr. VanVeggel is takings TONS of pictures as well as Miss Jaime and myself. When we return, they will be posted to the class site.

Prayers for clear skies so that we can see the stars through high tech telescopes!

Very blessed to have such a wonderful first day!

 ðŸ™‚Stephanie Petris