Weekly Reminders for the week of Feb 9th

Reminders for the Week of Feb 9th

Let’s keep our 6th Grade students in our prayers as they are at Science Camp this week.  They will return Wednesday afternoon.  

Tuesday:  11:30-3:30

Wednesday: noon-2:30

Thursday:  11:30-3:30

Friday:  noon-3:00

JUMPROPE FOR HEART (more forms in front office)
Permission Slips Due NOW!!
Honor Hearts Due NOW!!
February 13th- Day of the event   12:45-2:00 pm
February 27th- All donations are due

Jr High Social (attachment)
Permission Slip/Money- Due Thursday, NO exceptions

Track and Field Forms and Fee (attachment)
Due February 13th

Spring Sports
Boys Volleyball
Girls Softball 
Grades 5-8
Sign up NOW- Click HERE to sign up– $75 fee due February 20th

Mad Science (attachment)
The class will begin on  tabindex=”0″>Thursday, February 26th and will last 7 weeks. The school earns $20 for each sign up and the kids will make something each week that they will get to take home. There will be a lunch demo on Tuesday 2/10


Field_Trip_Form (1).pdf

Sam Track adn Field Sign up form .pdf

Sam Track and Field Info. Flyer.pdf
src=https://www.sycamoreeducation.com/images/filetypes/f_pdf.gif border=0>
Mad Science.pdf