Prayers Needed…..

We are asking the SAM community to pray for Brian Baggott who was just recently diagnosed with 3B cancer.  Treatment is 6 weeks of radiation for 5 days a week plus one day chemo.  A month break and than they will re scan.  If the tumor has shrunk, they will operate.  If not, another round of radiation and chemo.  Operation is complex as it is a 10-12 hour surgery where they will remove the esophagus and rebuild it from the stomach reducing the stomach by a third.  He will have a feeding tube for a period of time to build back up.  It has spread to some lymph nodes around the esophagus that they will take out during the surgery.  Concern they have is the tumor may be attached to the left aorta.  His attitude is great and the Baggotts are ready to battle!  Radiation begins this Monday.

Brian and Peggy Baggott’s sons, Jack and Kevin, both graduated from St. Angela.  Brian is the Uncle of
Maya Gutierrez’s (8th Grade) and Daniel Gutierrez (5th Grade).

The family is asking to spread prayers as we all know the power of prayer works!!!!