The ordering deadline for cougar cash next week will move up a day from Tuesday, December 16th, to Monday, December 15th at 8am.  This is to avoid any delivery delays.  Please make a note of this change as this will be your last chance to order cards before Christmas  

To accommodate your holiday shopping, we will be placing an additional order this Thursday, December 11 with a deadline at 8am.  These cards should be available for pick up Tuesday morning, December 16th.  (This will give you a few more days of shopping before the kids get out of school!  hint, hint…)

There will be no orders for plastic cards placed during our Christmas break.  You may still order ScripNow and reloads.  

All cougar cash pick up times will remain the same.  

If you will be unable to pick up your orders during our regular pick up times, please call me to make other arrangements.

Have a blessed Christmas and a healthy New Year!