Cougar News- Thursday, October 16th

Cougar News- Thursday, October 16th
October 16, 2014 08:00:00
By Nancy Windisch

 st. angela merici parish school

would you like to receive text messages?  text  @stangel to 714 924-490

Pumpkin patch flyer-saturday, october 18th
Yearbook pre-sale order form 


Tickets or Auction Item are due October 17th 

As you know, each St Angela family is required to purchase two tickets and attend the event. However, if you can’t attend the auction, you are required to either donate $400 or donate an item or items with a value of at least $400. Included with your invitation is a “Golden Ticket.”  The purchase price of this ticket is $100 and if your ticket is selected during the drawing, you will have the opportunity to choose from all live auction items, with the exception of the Kindergarten Quilt and 8th Grade Art Project. If you wish to purchase a Golden Ticket, complete the ticket stub and return it with your RSVP card. Golden Tickets will also be available to purchase at the auction during the Silent Auction.

The fun starts at 5:30 with a silent auction. In addition to approximately 100 silent auction baskets, you will have the opportunity to bid on memorable teacher/student experiences, donated by our wonderful St Angela teachers.  Enjoy cocktails and butler-passed hors d’oeuvres while bidding on one-of-a-kind artwork created by our clever and artistic students. Don’t forget to step up to the Wine Wheel and take it for a “spin.”  Every spin guarantees that you will take home a bottle of wine.

Raffle Prizes
Front Row Pew-Christmas Eucharist
Front Row- Front Row Pew-Easter Eucharist

Live Auction
We have a puppy!!!!   How about a trip to Hawaii??  Parking Spot all year long for ALL events… 

Silent Auction
Theme baskets, SPA treatments, Sports Events, Restaurants, Teacher Events (Sleepover in the Youth Room, Build A Bear
Trip, Aquarium Trip) Theatre Events, Zoos, Museums, Handcrafted Student Items and much more….. 



Get ready for our Annual Trunk Or Treat- October 31st-8:00 am….



BOO POPS FOR SALE- Please support Student Council by purchasing Boo Pops from October 16-October 24th.  For 50 cents you can send a delicious lolly pop with an uplifting note to a friend.  By now durig lunch!

CHOCWALK- Raised:$2,035.00!!!


Flyers/jars needed jpg.jpg

A SAM Student’s Faith Journey Response:

Pursuing wealth as Christian is not what Jesus wants his disciples to do.  Of course, everyone needs to be financially stable, but buying items and materials that you dont need over and over again are against Jesus’s ways.  This is because once you are too caught up with yourself and your wealth, you tend to stray off of Jesus’s path for you.  His path for you is to follow him, and when you begin to think a football game is more important than going to church, you are not following God.  By removing your pursuit of wealth as on obstacle, you will truly start to follow God.

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Father, please bless ______ with a friend who sharpens him/her- one who challenges him/her, inspires him/her and holds him/her accountable. Give ______ wisdom and grace to do the same for the close friends in his/her life. Proverbs 27:17


Rhythm N Dance Academy    10/8-11/12/14
Wednesdays   3:00-4:00 pm     St Cecilia Room
$120 for 8 weeks

Academic Chess     10/13-12/15/14
Mondays     3:00-4:00 pm in Kinder
$104 for 8 weeks

Please contact Alex Velasco for information at gro.a1560735675erbal1560735675egnat1560735675s@era1560735675cdedn1560735675etxe1560735675


Yearbook 2014 Presale.pdf