Monday, June 9th News

Thank you to the newest members of the SPA Board who have volunteer to serve next year: Steve Duron and Remon Girgis. Board members that will continue to serve for the 2014-2015 school year include: Jason Padilla, Melissa Lopez, Cos Truijo, and Rachel Hickenbottom.

Sports Day/Plunge Day Schedule:
8:30-9:45-  5th-7th Grade- Sports Day activities
9:45-10:45-  1st-4th Grade- Sports Day activities
11:15-11:40- Pizza lunch (or the student’s bring their own lunch)
11:50- Leave for Plunge
12:00-2:00- Brea Plunge
2:45- Dismissal

Each student must have a permission slip to walk to the plunge, although students may choose not to swim.  
Items to consider bringing:
Bag/backpack to carry swim items
Plastic bag for wet items

Boys may wear their swim trunks to school and
girls may wear their swimsuit underneath their clothes.  Girls must wear a one peice swimsuit or a rash guard over their two piece swimsuit.  Student will need to wear tennis shoes to school and to the plunge- NO SANDALS.
With the day being sports day, the students may wear a sports shirt as well….

Attachement: Permission slip