Cougar Cash- Summer Schedule

*** Cougar Cash Summer Schedule ***
ScripNow and Reload are available all summer long.
Plastic cards will be available as follows:
Order deadline: July 15, 9am – Pick up: July 20, after 9:30 Eucharist on plaza (~10:45-11:15)
Order deadline: July 22, 9am – Pick up: July 27, after 9:30 Eucharist on plaza (~10:45-11:15)
Order deadline: Aug. 5,  9am – Pick up: Aug.10, after 9:30 Eucharist on plaza (~10:45-11:15)
Order deadline: Aug. 19, 9am – Pick up: Aug. 25, at 1st day of school registration cougar cash table
Note:  We will not have inventory of American Express cards throughout the summer.  You may purchase them online according to the above schedule at 1.25%.  
This schedule is posted on the Shop With Scrip website in the “Announcements” section of your “Family Home” page under “My Account”.  
If you have any questions, email or call Robin Biederstadt at moc.o1520433038ohay@1520433038tdats1520433038redei1520433038bnibo1520433038r1520433038 or 714-803-0918.  Have a great summer!!