Great Open House- Catholic School’s Week Begins

Great job to our own staff for showcasing all the children’s beautiful projects and work inside their classrooms. Thank you to the following people who made this day very successful:

* Father Michael- Form being very supportive with our day
* Mrs.Degrasse, Mrs. Cobb, Eric and Garrett for wonderful music and AV during the 9:30 Eucharist
* Our wonderful parents who put on a delicious barbeque

* Mrs. Kueh for selling Cougar Store items
* Matthew Strother for being very successful with selling Farrell’s Lollipops
* 5th Grade students and Miss Nina for a great job singing at the 9:30 Eucharist
* Student council and Mr. LoPorto for producing 2 live broadcast announcements
* Students who
were able to lead our new families in school tours

Thank you to Bishop Kevin Vann for a special Eucharist.  He even tweeted about his experience with our 5th grade students

CSW/Screen shot 2014-01-26 at 2.18.36 PM.png

Catholic School’s Week= Dress for the students

Monday- Regular uniform except the Green Team
Tuesday- Free Dress for all students
Wednesday-Red, White and Blue for free dress
Thursday- “What do I want to be when I grow up”
Friday- Jeans and any SAM shirt for those who attended Open House

Events- Each day we will remind you of the weekly events.
Monday- Community Day and Feast of St. Angelas- Green Team will be going down to the beach for a clean up day!