Volunteer Spot now closed- Please check your job position

Volunteer Spot now closed- Please check your job position
August 21, 2013 03:00:00
By Nancy Windisch

Volunteer Spot is NOW closed.  Attached are the jobs for all families.  If you are highlighted, you MUST contact Joanne Avalos asap to be assigned a position.

If you recieve an email from Volunteer Spot, please ignore message.

All parents must be fingerprinted, please contact Debbie Johnson if you have not gone through this training.  Every family will be contacted for job specifics.  All jobs will start the week of September 2nd.

Thank you for everyone’s patience with the Parent Participation Jobs.  Very important positions that are not filled yet (Thank you to those who are doing more than one job) We still need the following help:

1. Girls Athletic Director

2.  Room Parents:  We have the following and it would be ideal to have 2 per grade:

TK- Julie Gonzalez, Tabrizi

K- Castillo,Brunett,Lugo 

1st- Ilagan, Bradish

2nd- Mendoza

3rd- Richmond

4th- J. Gutierrez   Ladjevic

5th- Middleton

6th-  Tinkler

7th- Hernandez,Pluma

8th- Sokol, Elsenpeter, Mock

If you have any questions, please contact Joanne Avalos at gro.a1563516363erbal1563516363egnat1563516363s@ree1563516363tnulo1563516363v1563516363