Cougar News- April 18th, 2013

Cougar News- April 18th, 2013
April 18, 2013 03:00:00
By Nancy Windisch

Reverence, Respect, Responsibility

Week of APril 18th, 2013

Cougar News

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  • Earth Day/Earth Week 
  • SummerFest Sign Ups
  • Nacho Sale-Friday
  • Used Book Booth
  • Children’s Lip Sync

Great Job Boys Volleyball Team

5th Place out of 15 Teams


Nacho Sale- Friday, April 19th

Clip Art/nachos.jpg

Help support our 4th Grade Classroom.

Where do all the  proceeds go from the Nacho Sales?   Teachers have been purchasing new technology for the classrooms for your students.  New document cameras, flip cameras, ipod touches, ipad minis and more… 

Spring Cleaning and Used Book Booth…

When you clean out those shelves and closets, please donate those old books, DVD’s, CD’s and VHS tapes to the Summerfest Book Booth!

You may drop off items in the school Kinder Kitchen or office.

For questions or book pick-up, please call Susie Sweeney 714-931-5298.

SummerFest Sign Ups

Dear School Families,

Summerfest is rapidly approaching. It is May 31st, June 1st & 2nd.  Four-4 hour shifts are required by each school family.  Below is the information on how to sign up for your shifts online.  Please sign up by Saturday, April 28th. After that date online sign ups will be unavailable during the weekends due to parishioner sign ups and the number of shift choices will be greatly reduced.

Thank you for your prompt response!  It makes our job much easier when all families sign up ASAP.

Please understand even if you have confirmed with a booth chair your intent to work a particular booth, if they have not already signed you up-you still need to signup for those shifts online. Double check with the booth chair if you are not sure. It is necessary for accurate record keeping and assuring the request. 

As always, please feel free to email or call with questions.  Thank you to all.

Alumni Committee News

To all alumni and/or parents of alumni  

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Clip Art/momsintouch.jpg

“Lord, make ________ look to you, and Your strength; You Lord are the vine, You
are the branches, if you remain in ______ ‘s life and she/he remains with You,
will bear much fruit; apart from You she/he can do nothing”. John 15:5, Psalm

Its What We Do

Earth Day- Monday, April 22nd

Please join us for an Earth Day prayer service hosted by the Green Team in the St Angela Garden to celebrate God’s creation at 8:15 am.  This is NOT the prayer garden .  This is the garden behind the 1st-4th grade classrooms.  

AES Electronic Recycling Pick Up from 7:45 am-9:30 am.  E-Waste is defined as any electronic equipment that has reached its “end of life” usage, whether working or non=working condition.  Computer Parts, CD Players, Cell Phones, Monitors, Computers, Tablets, Servers, Copiers, DVD Players, I-Pods, PDA, Video Game Consoles, Power Adapters, Televisions, VCRs, Ink Cartridges, etc.   Also…Bring in your bottles and cans!!

All Proceeds go towards the Jones Family

Clip Art/earth day.jpg

ALL WEEK- Celebrate Earth Week…

Earth Day is a very important day for 
Julia Jones, our Green Team Leader and Representative for Student Council Ecology,.  We would like to support this week and help out our environment.  Throughout the week, the students will be educated about the importance of “Going Green” and how we can nurture our environment that God has created.  On Friday, April 26th we are challenging our students to pack a “Waste Free snack” which includes the least amount of waste possible.  All students participating will receive an Earth Day themed prize. 
To show our appreciation of our Green Team leader, “Julia Jones” bracelets will be sold throughout the week.  These may be worn by any student any day.  The bracelet states “Jules Rules” and “All things are possible with God”  The bracelets are $2.00 or any other donation that will go to the family.  Thank you for all your support and LETS GO GREEN!!


SAM Track Team 
Come out and support our athletes, over 50 students, participating this Saturday at St.Mary’s Track Invitational.  Go Cougars!!


Children’s Lip Sync Form

Summerfest is right around the corner and the Children’s Lip Syncs will be performed Sunday, June 2nd, starting at NOON.  If you would like to participate, simply fill out the form and include:

Your song choice

Contact information

Group’s Name

Drop off the form at the SAM school office, or to Irene Strother, or Annie Nicoletti by Friday, May 17th.  All labeled CDs are due to Irene or Annie by Friday, May 24th.  Remember, the label must contain the group and song name.  All CDs will be returned after SummerFest.

Students may practice their lip syncs on the school field, during snack and lunch starting, Monday, May 13th.  Make sure your IPod players are charged and ready to go.

Clip Art/spring concerrt.jpg

Spring Concert- Friday, April 26th at 1:15 in the Parish Hall.

We are proud to present our 2nd annual Spring Concert presented by the children of SAM.  This is a fun event for ALL students to showcase with their class with their musical talents.   ALL students may wear jeans with any black and white shirts.  Miss Nina will be speaking with all students about the dress code for the day.

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