Daisy Newsletter – November




Issue 4— November 13, 2011
Daisy Spotlight
Daisy Girls learned that Pourquoi Stories are fables told about how and why an animal is the way it is. They heard stories about how the Daisy flowers got their colors. They heard a short tale on how the cheetah runs so fast. Girls had a blast role-playing how the sea turtle got its shell, how the cat got it’s whiskers and why giraffes are so tall.


Role-playing is a fun way for the girls to build confidence, find courage, express themselves and build character.
Congratulations Tyler!


Tyler earned her Inchworm of Service patch!



(Above) Thank you Junior Scouts Jessica & Jeneva for leading by example!
Brea Annual Songfest Recap
Isabela, Mia, Nicole and Isabelle bravely went up on stage and sang, “Make New Friends”. They had fun learning and acting out new songs. They taught the troop a very loud song called, “Little Red Wagon”.
(Above) Pretending to be turtles.



Food Drive for ACT Office Recap



Thank you Scout families for encouraging your daughters to help feed the poor. Mr. Bob with the Act Office explained that the food they donated will be passed out to families who need it.


Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary – Richard Nixon Library March 11, 2012 1-5pm
Because this once-in-a-life-time event is on a first-come-first-serve basis and are limited on space, we need to register our troop ASAP. Please email me if you and your child would like to participate. We will be collecting the fee’s at the December 14 meeting (please make checks out to Melissa Lopez). Fee $6 per person includes: 100th Birthday Event Patch, all crafts and activities, access to the entire Library, and all entertainment.



“Dear God, we praise you and thank you for creating us. Help us to see ourselves and each other as sacred and holy. May we always respect ourselves and every living creature, Amen”.



December 14: Isabela

January 11: Hannah
January 25: Danica
February 8: Mia
February 22: Danielle
March 14: Justine
March 28: Janae
April 25: Nicole


Mark Your Calendar!


Dec. 10: Christmas Party at the Reed’s 11-3pm – Crafts and pizza will be provided. Parents are welcomed! CLICK HERE FOR INVITATION.

Dec. 14: Next regular Daisy Troop meeting.

Jan. 11: Tentative date for Animal Shelter Field Trip in lieu of regular meeting Jan 11.

Feb. 4: Father Daughter Dance “A Night to Remember”. Volunteers will be needed to help with decorations. Previously scheduled for Mar 31.

Mar. 11: Richard Nixon Library, 100th Anniversary Celebration 1-5pm

Mar. 11: Scout Sunday – am mass

Mar. 30: St. Angela Merici Scout Day.  More information to come. 


Please email Stacey your pictures of Daisies in action!